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TenMarks Education, Inc.

TenMarks Education, Inc. was an American company that provides personalized online math practice and enrichment programs for K-Algebra/Geometry using a structured approach of practice, on-demand hints, video lessons and real-time results. Founded in 2009, TenMarks Education has offices in San Francisco, CA and Boston, MA and is funded by Catamount Ventures and Birchmere Ventures, their team features veteran educational and technical advisors. Amazon announced in April 2018 that it planned to stop offering TenMarks’ math and writing learning apps after June 30, 2019. TenMarks provides personalized online math practice and enrichment programs for third through tenth graders using a structured program of practice, on-demand hints, video instruction and real time results. TenMarks’ approach is based on three core principles: • Personalized learning • On-Demand instruction and assistance • Practice helps In addition to year-long structured programs, TenMarks has launched a math practice and learning program for grades 3-High School teachers to use – in class or for their students to use at home.

• June 2009: Launched Beta Program for Middle School Math, pilot at a Middle School in Boston • July 2009: Launched the "Step Up" Math Summer Program for Middle Schoolers • September 2009: Raised First Round of Angel Investment • October 2009: TenMarks goes Live with Middle School Curriculum in Math • December 2009: TenMarks Live for Elementary School - Math for Grades 3,4,5 added • January 2010: TenMarks Rolled Out at two Schools to Measure Efficacy • February 2010: TenMarks for High School Math Launched • March 2010: TenMarks Placement Assessment Released to Help Automate Personalization of TenMarks Curriculum • April 2010: TenMarks launches TeacherZone - A free library of math videos for teachers • May 2010: TenMarks launches Summer Programs – Offering 19 different, customized step up and foundation programs for students to combat Summer Learning Loss • May 2010: TenMarks wins Dr. Toy The Best Vacation Product Award • October 2013: Amazon acquires TenMark's to assist in pushing education through the kindle market.

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Adugiran Kannan

Adugiran Kannan is a 2003-2005 Tamil-language family soap opera on Sun TV. The show stars Chetan, Gayathiri and Dr. Sharmila; the show is produced by director by Badri. It was aired on every Monday to Friday at 12:30 PM. Adugiran Kannan is the second serial following Mangalyam; the serial is aired in Vasanth TV. Chetan Abhishek Shankar Gayathiri Priya Nalini Vadivukkarasi Dr. Sharmila A. R. Srinivasan Suresh B. E Viki Priya Pooja Sham Sairam Krithika shanthi Anand Venu Arvind Girija Suzane George List of programs broadcast by Sun TV List of TV shows aired on Sun TV Vision Time on YouTube Official Website Sun TV on YouTube Sun TV Network Sun Group

Sweet Kill

Sweet Kill is a 1973 B-movie written and directed by future Academy Award winner Curtis Hanson. The film was Hanson's directorial debut and was produced by Roger Corman, it was the last film of actress Isabel Jewell. Eddie Collins finds that he is unable to perform sexually with women because of repressed memories of his mother. After accidentally killing a woman while trying to sleep with her, he finds that he is able to get aroused by the dead body; this leads him into a chain of luring women into bed. Curtis Hanson got to know Roger Corman while doing re-writes on The Dunwich Horror, which Corman had helped finance. Corman had a track record of giving opportunities to first time directors and was setting up his own distribution company, New World Pictures; when Dunwhich Horror was finished, Hanson told Corman. Hanson was unenthusiastic, so Corman said he might be interested in a modern horror film along the lines of Psycho. Hanson wrote the script with the killer as a female. Corman liked it but felt it was "a little too different" for the killer to be female so asked she be turned male.

The producer, Tamara Asseyev, was Corman's former assistant. According to Hanson, the film cost $130,000 and Corman was supposed to put up two-thirds of the money. A couple of weeks before filming started Hanson says Corman "reneged on the deal and said he would only put up one-third of the money. My producing partner and I had to raise the other two-thirds. To show how foolhardy I was, I went to my parents and persuaded them to put a mortgage on their home in order to finance this film."In November 1970, Tab Hunter signed to make the film. Isabelle Jewel, Cherie Latimer and Rita Murrie were cast. At this stage the film was called A Kiss for Eddie. Filming took place in 1971; the apartment where Tab Hunter's character lived in Venice was owned by Hanson's grandmother. Hanson says when he showed the film to Corman "he said it needed more tits in it... It was my first nightmare post-production experience."Hanson says "It was recut to some degree and more bare breasts were put into it. It was the first time I learned the lesson that I had the opportunity to learn multiple times after that which is: If you're going to risk being wrong, it's better to be wrong with your own mistakes than with somebody else's.

""It was low-budget and it was a interesting script," said Hunter. "But, of course, Roger Corman had to put his own little tweaks into it. He had his own way of making motion pictures... and selling them." The film was released as Sweet Kill. Box office performance was disappointing; the film was re-released as The Arousers. It arrived in Los Angeles cinemas in 1976; the Los Angeles Times said it was "made with a sensitivity and intelligence unusual for the lurid psycho genre."Hanson described the experience as a "very unhappy" one. List of American films of 1973 Sweet Kill on IMDb Sweet Kill at AllMovie


Drofino is a village in Nyzhnohirskyi Raion of Republic of Crimea in Russia. Drofino is located in the south of the district, in the steppe Crimea, near the border with the Bilohirsk Raion, the altitude is 62 m; the neighboring village: Jastrebski 2.5 km to the West, Strepitosa to the south and Sady to the North-East. Distance to the district center is about 21 kilometer; the closest railway station is Nizhnegorsk. There is one school in Drofino; the villages of Maly Matis and Bolshoy Matis appeared in the 1930s, as in the List of settlements of the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the Soviet Union of 17 December 1926. In the Statistical Handbook of Taurida province in 1915 Tabulinskiy parish Simferopol Raion featured a Russo-German farm, with a population of 36 people, including 8 Germans. By the decree of the Presidium of USSR in RSFSR of 18 May 1948, Maly Matis and Bolshoy Matis Nyzhnohirskyi Raion were renamed in Drofino. On 30 September 1966 the village became centre of the village Council.

Drofino on a map of Crimea

Naked Samoans

The Naked Samoans is a New Zealand comedy group made up of Polynesian entertainers, most of whom are Samoan. The group performs social humour and satire that attracts a broad audience among white New Zealanders, without sacrificing the group's Pacific Island identity; the group has gained success in both television and film projects as well as in theatre, which remains their primary base in entertainment. The members of this group are David Fane, Mario Gaoa, Shimpal Lelisi, Oscar Kightley, Robbie Magasiva and Iaheto Ah Hi; the group started in 1998 with their first stage production entitled Naked Samoans Talk about Their Knives. Appearing in several cities in New Zealand, their show was a sellout success; this led to a series of successful productions in theatre that brought media attention to the entertainers. Their material on such subjects like racism and violence were surprising to some, but nonetheless their base grew; the Naked Samoans consisted of four members, but in January 2001 Robbie Magasiva and Iaheto Ah Hi joined the group and has remained a member since.

In 2003 they performed Naked Samoans Go Home at Downstage Theatre in Wellington and the Herald in Auckland. Between 2004 and 2006, the Naked Samoans were involved in two major projects. In television, the original members created the animated show bro'Town, New Zealand's first adult animated show, it received critical praise and numerous awards from the country's domestic entertainment industry. In film, most of the group members starred in the comedy film Sione's Wedding, known as Samoan Wedding in other regions such as North America, co-written by Oscar Kightley and David Fane; the movie became one of the highest-grossing Kiwi films of 2006. However, it got media attention as being a victim of unauthorized distribution, resulting in some loss of potential revenue. Sione's Wedding was released in Australia and distributed in the United States under a new title Samoan Wedding. After a successful 2006, the Naked Samoans returned to their roots and performed with their new production, Naked Samoans Go Home, in December.

In 2018 for a 20-year anniversary celebration the Naked Samoans teamed up the Pasifika theatre company The Conch to a present a show called Naked Samoans Do Magic, commissioned by the Auckland Arts Festival. The production had a season from March 22 - 25, 2018 at the Civic Theatre in the Auckland Arts Festival. One of the reviews states, "While hinting at many of the social problems that affect Aotearoa and the world, the production celebrates the transformative power of magic and of theatre, leading to a sense of optimism and hope." David O'Donnell Sione's Wedding Sione's 2: Unfinished Business bro'Town Naked Samoans on IMDb Kara, Scott. "Filthy fun with Naked Samoans". The New Zealand Herald