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Sandefjordsfjord is located in Norway
Location of Sandefjordsfjord, Norway

The Sandefjordsfjord (Sandefjordsfjorden) is an approximately 9 km long fjord in the municipality of Sandefjord in Vestfold, Norway. It is located to the west of Vesterøya; the Sandefjordsfjord is the longest of the four fjords located in Sandefjord, Norway. It is a wide fjord which gradually shrinks northbound towards the city harbor; the name dates to Sverris saga from 1200 A.D; the fjord was formerly simply known as Sandefjord, but the name Sandefjordsfjord has been used since 1875. The name Sandarfjorden was suggested during the Sandar-Sandefjord merge in the 1960s, but its current name was ultimately kept.[1]


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Coordinates: 59°02′N 10°16′E / 59.033°N 10.267°E / 59.033; 10.267