Sanghyang siksakanda ng karesian

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Sanghyang siksakanda ng karesian is a didactic text, providing the reader with religious and moralistic rules, prescriptions and lessons. The title means something like “the book of rules with guidance to be a resi (wise or holy man)”, this text is preserved in the National Library in Jakarta and identified as kropak 630; it consist of 30 nipah leaves.

The manuscript is dated in a chronogram nora catur sagara wulan (0-4-4-1), that is Saka 1440 or 1518 AD, it had already been referred to in earlier publications by Holle and Noorduyn. A complete edition with translation, introduction, commentary and glossary was presented in a stenciled work by Atja and Danasasmita (1981a), it has been republished in book-form in Danasasmita et al. (1987:73-118).[1] The text is from Galuh (a capital city of the Sunda Kingdom).


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