Sanoma Corporation is a media group in the Nordic countries with operations in over 10 European countries, based in Helsinki, Finland. The group is among the top five European magazine publishers and has a strong position in Finland as well as in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands, Serbia and until 2015 in Ukraine. SanomaWSOY was formed in 1999 with the merger of Sanoma Corporation, WSOY and Helsinki Media Company; the group reverted to the name Sanoma Corporation in October 2008. On 5 March 2012, the group announced that it had sold R-kioski, a Finland-based Finnish–Baltic kiosk chain with 1,048 outlets, to Norway's Reitan Group for 1 billion Norwegian krone; the group had been working on the purchase for a decade, but previous negotiations had stranded as Sanoma had demanded a merger where they owned 51 percent. The purchase brought the Reitan Group to 2,500 kiosk outlets, making it the second-largest kiosk group in Europe; the group has an annual turnover of 2.761 billion euros and employed over 15,400 people on a full-time equivalent basis at the end of 2010.

Sanoma's stock is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Its biggest owners include other members of the Erkko family; the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, founded in 1889 as Päivälehti, is one of the single most significant products of the group. Sanoma owns the broadcasting company Nelonen Media; the company consists of two divisions: Sanoma Media: Magazine publishing, newspaper publishing, printing, TV, online gaming services and other online operations. It was formed by the merger of former Sanoma Magazines, Sanoma News and Sanoma Entertainment divisions. Sanoma Learning & Literature: Educational publishing and business information and servicesPreviously, Sanoma had the Trade division which consisted of tasks including kiosk operations, press distribution and entertainment. Official website

Swarthmore station

Swarthmore station is a SEPTA Regional Rail station in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Located on Chester Road between downtown Swarthmore and Swarthmore College, it serves the Media/Elwyn Line. In 2013, this station saw 765 boardings and 699 alightings on an average weekday. Dollar-a-day parking and permit parking are available, it is the first outward-bound Zone 3 station from the central Philadelphia stations. It is the busiest station on the Media/Elwyn Line outside of Center City; the adult fare to and from Central Philadelphia is $5 during off-peak hours, with an additional $2 surcharge assessed for those who buy a ticket on the train, regardless of whether the ticket window is open. The ticket office is located on the inbound side of the tracks in a building used otherwise by Swarthmore College and the Chester Children's Chorus; the building was built in 1880 by the Pennsylvania Railroad and held the Jumping Cow cafe. Swarthmore's main street, Chester Road, has passed under the station since 1931.

Before Swarthmore College was opened, the station was known as Westdale. Swarthmore has two low-level side platforms. Swarthmore Station - SEPTA Images of the original Pennsylvania Railroad Station in Swarthmore Station from Google Maps Street View

Dmitry Klokov

Dmitriy Vyacheslavovich Klokov is a Russian former Olympic weightlifter, World Champion. He competed in the 105 kg category. Klokov was born in Balashikha, the son of Vyacheslav Klokov, a world champion in the heavyweight category. Klokov became world champion with a total of 419 kg, he participated at the 2005 and 2006 Arnold Sports Festivals in Columbus, Ohio. At the 2006 World Championships and 2007 World Championships he ranked 3rd. Klokov won the silver medal with a total of 423 kg, he won the silver medal at the 2011 World Weightlifting Championships, with a 196 kg snatch, 232 kg clean and jerk for a total of 428 kg at a body weight of 104.6 kg. He lost to a fellow Russian, Khadzhimurat Akkayev by 2 kilos. Klokov was scheduled to compete at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the 105 kg class but was forced to withdraw due to undisclosed medical reasons. In May 2015, Klokov announced his retirement from international competition. Klokov signed with the Baltimore Anthem of the National Pro Grid League.

Klokov and his wife, Elena Klokova, have a daughter named Anastasia