Santo Stefano alla Lizza

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Santo Stefano alla Lizza
Chiesa di Santo Stefano alla Lizza siena.jpg
Basic information
Location  Italy
Geographic coordinates 43°19′28″N 11°19′38″E / 43.324344°N 11.327354°E / 43.324344; 11.327354Coordinates: 43°19′28″N 11°19′38″E / 43.324344°N 11.327354°E / 43.324344; 11.327354
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Municipality Siena
Region Tuscany
Architectural description
Architectural style Baroque
Groundbreaking 12th century
Completed 1671 – 1675, later reconstructions

Santo Stefano alla Lizza is a Baroque style, Roman Catholic church located on Via dei Gazzani, in the city of Siena, region of Tuscany, Italy. It belongs to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Siena-Colle di Val d'Elsa-Montalcino.


Predella by Giovanni di Paolo, St Stephen breast-fed by a doe

A Romanesque style building documented to exist since the 12th-century, was reconstructed in 1671–75. The façade is crowned with a tympanum with an oculus, and prececed by a flight of stairs in brick. The interior once housed a Madonna with child and Saints by Andrea Vanni and a complete predella by Giovanni di Paolo (six scenes from the Life of St Stephen with a central Crucifixion with Saints Jerome and Bernard), now in the Baptistery of Siena. On the right altar was a Visitation by Rutilio Manetti (also in now kept in the Baptistery), the apse has a fragmentary Deposition by Antonio Buonfigli.[1]



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