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Districts of Paktika.

Sari-roza or Sar Hawza (Pashto: سر هوزه, Persian: ولسوالی سرروضه‎) is a district of Paktika Province, Afghanistan.

Sar Hawza is one of the main districts of Paktika with over three thousand houses. People of Sar Hawza mostly work in business.[citation needed] Several Sar Hawzewal (residents of Sar Hawza) have businesses in Karachi, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UK, USA and other European countries.

There has not been any serious violence in Sar Hawza for over 6 decades.

They have committees in Karachi, Pakistan, Saudi,Dubai, UK and in the USA; the Saudi committee serves the people of Sar Hawza by providing shelter and guidance during the Hajj.

Sar Hawza and Urgun District host many members of the Kharoti tribe.[1]







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Coordinates: 32°15′52.34″N 68°31′28.97″E / 32.2645389°N 68.5247139°E / 32.2645389; 68.5247139