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Sarah Goldfinger is a television writer/producer . She has written for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Brothers and Sisters, Hawaii Five-0, Almost Human, and Grimm.


She graduated from Hampshire College with a B.A. in creative writing and literature.

CSI writing credits[edit]


Goldfinger, along with CBS and CSI's producers, were sued for defamation and invasion of privacy by a Los Angeles couple who alleged that two characters from the 9th season episode "Deep Fried and Minty Fresh" were based on them.

The couple, Melinda & Scott Tamkin, were the realtors representing the owners of a house Goldfinger had been looking to buy. While the deal was never consummated, there were no apparent hard feelings on either side.

However, the lawsuit alleges that not only did the characters from the episode share the first names of the couple, but that an early draft stated the last name of the characters as being Tamkin as well. Furthermore, the lawsuit claims Goldfinger assisted in casting actors who bore a resemblance to the Tamkins.[1]

In March, 2011, the case was dismissed by the California Court of Appeals.[2][3]


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