Sarpedon is the name of several figures in Greek mythology Sarpedon, a son of Zeus, who fought on the side of Troy in the Trojan War. Although in the Iliad, he was the son of Zeus and Laodamia, the daughter of Bellerophon, in the standard tradition, he was the son of Zeus and Europa, the brother of Minos and Rhadamanthus, while in other accounts the Sarpedon who fought at Troy was the grandson of the Sarpedon, the brother of Minos. Sarpedon, a Thracian son of Poseidon, eponym of Cape Sarpedon near the outlet of the River Hebrus, brother to Poltys, King of Aenus. Unlike the other two Sarpedons, this Thracian Sarpedon was not a hero, but an insolent individual, shot to death by Heracles as the latter was sailing away from Aenus. Sarpedon, son of Zeus and Lardane and brother of Argus. Hard, The Routledge Handbook of Greek Mythology: Based on H. J. Rose's "Handbook of Greek Mythology", Psychology Press, 2004, ISBN 9780415186360. Google Books. Homer, The Iliad with an English Translation by A. T. Murray, Ph.

D. in two volumes. Cambridge, MA. Harvard University Press. Online version at the Perseus Digital Library. Homer, Homeri Opera in five volumes. Oxford, Oxford University Press. 1920. Greek text available at the Perseus Digital Library. Pausanias, Description of Greece with an English Translation by W. H. S. Jones, Litt. D. and H. A. Ormerod, M. A. in 4 Volumes. Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press. Online version at the Perseus Digital Library Pausanias, Graeciae Descriptio. 3 vols. Leipzig, Teubner. 1903. Greek text available at the Perseus Digital Library. Pseudo-Apollodorus, The Library with an English Translation by Sir James George Frazer, F. B. A. F. R. S. in 2 Volumes, Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press. Online version at the Perseus Digital Library. Greek text available from the same website

Eleven √Čtudes in the Form of Old Dances

Eleven Études in the Form of Old Dances, Op. 19, written for educational purposes between 1928 and 1930 by Ukrainian pianist and composer Viktor Kosenko, is a late-romantic collection of solo piano pieces mingled with elements of Ukrainian folk-like melodies, using French-baroque dance forms such as minuet, courante and gavotte as concept. Consisting of eleven pieces, among them the melodic gavotte, the two-part Bourrée, the Gigue in sonata form, the collection presents many technical challenges such as the use of overlapping octaves, doubling in thirds and sixths, pedaling, it was once described by Kosenko as a'family album' with each piece dedicated to a member of his family such as his nephew Fedir, to whom Rigaudon was dedicated, his wife Anna, the dedicatée of the eighteen-minute long Passacaglia. They were first published in 1930. List of compositions by Viktor Kosenko Eleven Études in the Form of Old Dances at the IMSLP

The Fall (Brendan James song)

The Fall is the lead single by American singer/songwriter Brendan James from his self-titled sophomore studio album Brendan James. "The Fall", which James wrote about having to let someone go with the knowledge that the freedom of letting them go is the most grounding feeling of all. I have tried to write a little more abstractly. You are what you are and my heart is on my sleeve. I am a romantic as well as an optimist. I go through my daily life thinking too hard about certain things. Stuff doesn’t roll off of me that easily. So I think. It's kind of a song that I pulled from a collection of my own my experiences, as well as knowing people who have been throung the same thing, is that hard moment when you in a relationship, you need to take a break, you know, sometimes that break is 3 months, sometimes is a year to, sometimes it is never ending, you know, sometimes you never find common ground again, the song is about that hard space; the video for "The Fall" was starred by American actress and model Melissa Ordway along with Greek's Amber Stevens and Miss South Carolina Jamie Hill, was directed by Melissa's boyfriend, American actor Justin Baldoni.

The music video was premiered on August 9 on multi-websites. The song has received positive reviews from most music critics. "His latest single, "The Fall" from his released self-titled album, is a nice song to ease into the new season. So give it a whirl, we’re pretty sure you’ll be humming it the rest of the afternoon." —Fabulis "The beautiful piano-driven song is all about finding solace in letting someone go and the video for “The Fall” is a literal visual representation of Mr. James’ poignant lyrics with flashes of the singer in performance mode at the piano." —The Round Table Online "“The Fall” shows off James’ ability to craft touching, relatable lyrics that complement his strong vocals and piano playing. Try not to cry watching the video. Really." —Bloginity. "The Fray-ish lead single "The Fall", we're just scratching the radiant surface of an album that delivers in full on every promise made." —Direct Current Music "...understands the heartfelt connection between adult emotions and indelible melodies.

We get plenty of that here" —Dallas News "His brutally honest kiss off "The Fall" and "Different Kind of Love" are good fits." —Philadelphia Daily News "James plays toward his strengths with heartfelt ballads like "The Fall". —WCF Courier