Satmala Range

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Satmala Range
View of Dhodap from Hatti.jpg
Dhodap-One of the peaks
Highest point
Elevation 1,472 m (4,829 ft)
Coordinates 20°23′25″N 73°54′31″E / 20.39028°N 73.90861°E / 20.39028; 73.90861Coordinates: 20°23′25″N 73°54′31″E / 20.39028°N 73.90861°E / 20.39028; 73.90861
Satmala Range is located in Maharashtra
Satmala Range
Satmala Range
Location of Satamala, Maharashtra
Location Satamala Range
Country India
State Maharashtra
District Nashik
Parent range Western Ghats
Mountain type Flood basalt
Type of rock Basalt

Satmala is a mountain range which runs across Nashik District, Maharashtra. They are an integral part of the Sahyadris range within Nashik. These peaks are visible from a greater part of the district and form prominent landmarks. The highest of them is Dhodap (1,451 metres). Dhodap hill is the third highest hill peak in Maharashtra after Kalsubai and Salher and 29th highest peak in the Western Ghats. At the eastern side of this range lies the Chanvad range. There is a range with the same name Satmala in Telangana.

List of Peaks[edit]

Photo Name Elevation in meters District Significance
View of Dhodap from Otur.jpg Dhodap 1472 Nasik 2nd highest peak in Nashik.
Goddess Saptashrungi Devi Temple..jpg Saptashrungi 1,264 Nasik It is a site of Hindu pilgrimage.