Saturn IB-D

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Saturn IB-D
Function Unmanned LEO and Lunar launch vehicle
Manufacturer Von Braun
Country of origin United States
Height 51.00 m (167.00 ft)
Diameter 6.61 m (21.68 ft)
Mass 1,511,980 kg (3,333,340 lb)
Stages 3
Payload to LEO 33,000 kg (72,000 lb)
Launch history
Status Concept/study
Launch sites N/A
Total launches N/A
First stage - 4x Titan UA1205
Engines United Technologies UA1205 solid motor
Thrust 5,849.411 kN (1,315,000 lbf)
Burn time 115 seconds
Fuel Solid
Second stage S-1B
Engines 8 Rocketdyne H-1
Thrust 8,241.763 kN (1,852,822 lbf)
Burn time 155 seconds
Fuel RP-1/LOX
Third stage - S-IVB
Engines 1 Rocketdyne J-2
Thrust 1,031.600 kN (231,913 lbf)
Burn time 475 seconds
Fuel LH2/LOX

Studied by Douglas Aircraft Company in 1965, this rocket consisted of a whole Saturn IB with 4 strap-on SRBs that have flown on the Titan 3E interplanetary missile carriers. All components of the vehicle have flown, but not together for this concept.


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