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Scanner may refer to:


For invisible radiation[edit]

For (near) light[edit]

  • Image scanner, which digitizes a two-dimensional image
    • 3D scanner, which digitizes the three-dimensional shape of a real object
  • Motion picture film scanner, which scans original film for storage as a digital file
  • Barcode reader, which reads the data encoded in a barcode
  • Laser scanner, which guides a laser beam along a path, sometimes combined with a measurement
  • Stepper, a part of the photolithography process
  • A biometric scanner, an electronic device with a sensor to read patterns or images from faces, irises and finger pads to create a biological template or profile
  • An automated spotlight

Computer software[edit]



Popular culture[edit]


  • A personality type described by self-help author Barbara Sher characterized by having many different interests and/or keep changing interests very often.

Barbara Sher uses the word "scanner" for someone who scans the surface of things, as opposed to "divers" or experts. Other words for scanner includes polymath, renaissance soul, multitalent, generalist and multipotentialite (as in Multipotentiality).

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