Schwechat (river)

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Countries Austria
State Lower Austria
 - left Sattelbach, Mödlingbach, Petersbach, Liesing
 - right Triesting, Kalter Gang
Towns Alland, Baden, Schwechat
 - location Schöpfl, Vienna Woods
Mouth Danube
 - location near Schwechat
 - coordinates 48°08′15″N 16°33′37″E / 48.1375°N 16.5603°E / 48.1375; 16.5603Coordinates: 48°08′15″N 16°33′37″E / 48.1375°N 16.5603°E / 48.1375; 16.5603
Length 52.0 km (32 mi) [1]
Progression DanubeBlack Sea

The Schwechat is a river in Lower Austria.

River course[edit]

The source is near the Schöpfl (893 m) in the Vienna Woods. Their source streams are the Riesenbach, Lammeraubach, Agsbach, Hainbach and the Großkrottenbach which all confluences at Klausen-Leopoldsdorf and forms the Schwechat River. He flows through the small town Alland, through the Helenental to Baden and through the Vienna Basin to Schwechat, where the river ends in the Danube.


The Helenental is the Schwechat River Valley from Mayerling to Baden, named for the parish church of St Helena (Pfarrkirche St Helena) about 2 miles (3 km) from the town center of Baden.[2] Originally gothic, it's since been replaced by a baroque structure.

Helenental, Urtelstein



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