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SciTegic was a San Diego-based software company that developed and marketed informatics software to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


The company was founded in February, 1999 by Mathew A. Hahn and David Rogers.[1] Mathew Hahn and David Rogers came from the bioinformatics software company Molecular Simulations.[2]

In 2004 it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Accelrys after a 21.5 million dollar deal.[3]

Pipeline Pilot[edit]

Pipeline pilot was designed to reduce the manual data entry and transfer steps required of computational chemists and project chemists in screening and modeling workflows.[4] A streamlined workflow could then be used by bench scientists and reduce the need to interact with multiple software packages to one interface.[4]

Creating Pipeline Pilot, SciTegic has pioneered a technology approach called "Data Pipelining" to flexibly process drug discovery data;[5] this software uses a visual and dataflow programming language much like LabVIEW for piping input and output of commands together to build a pipeline to transform any number of inputs (raw data) into any number of outputs (e.g., a spreadsheet tying together the results of multiple experiments).

Mathew Hahn assumed technical leadership roles, including Chief Technology Officer, for Accelrys after the acquisition.

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