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Science 37
IndustryClinical research
FoundersNoah Craft and Belinda Tan

Science 37 is an American clinical research company.


Science 37 was founded in 2014[1] by company CEO Noah Craft and Chief Medical Officer Belinda Tan, working out of LA BioMed at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center,[2] it received its initial round of funding in 2015, with a $6.5 million investment.[3] In 2016 the company’s second round of financing resulted in $31 million in funding, and a 2017 round of financing resulted in $29 million.[4][5] Science 37 has developed the Network Oriented Research Assistant platform, also known as the NORA platform, which includes video chat, digital self-photography, data collection, and electronic consent. Together, these features are used to conduct “site-less” trials;[6] the platform also aids researchers in finding and contacting potential participants, and scheduling trial participants for in-home activities like questionnaires, mobile nurse visits,[7] and door-step study medicine delivery.[8]


In 2015 Science 37 began working with Genentech in the recruitment of trial participants.[9] In 2017 Science 37 then completed a site-less trial for AOBiome Therapeutics; this was the first “interventional, randomized, placebo-controlled trial” to be completed virtually.[6] That year Science 37 also began planning site-less trials for Sanofi[10] and Otsuka Pharmaceutical.[11]

In 2018 the company partnered with Novartis to plan several site-less clinical trials. Novartis also owns 10% of Science 37 from an early-stage investment in the company.[12] Science 37 was already in the process of conducting trials with Novartis in acne, cluster headaches, and fatty liver disease.[2]


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