Governorates of Italian East Africa

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The 6 AOI governorates: Eritrea, Amara, Harrar, Galla-Sidamo, Shewa and Somalia

The Governorates of Italian East Africa (A.O.I) formed the first level of country subdivision. The territory was divided into 6 Governments. Existed until 1938 the Governorate of Addis Ababa, whose territory was integrated in the new government of Shoa, with a municipal administration.

The governments were ruled by a governor assisted by a Governing Council, whose members the highest authorities of the Government. The Governments of Amhara, Galla and Sidamo, Harar and Shoa constituting the Italian Empire of Ethiopia, who was about half of the Ethiopian state until 1936.

The governments were divided into the government commissioner, ruled by a government commissioner assisted by a Deputy Commissioner, usually also the owner of the residence in the central town of the Commissioner. The commissioners were divided into residences, sometimes divided into Vice Residences.

As a rule, the seat of the High Commissioner was provided with primary schools, post office and telegraph, infirmary with a doctor, runway for airplanes. The residences’s locations were equipped with a post office, telegraph and infirmary with a doctor.

English Italian Capital Population Abbrev. Targa
Amhara Governorate Amara Gondar 2.000.000 ab. AM Coat of arms of Amhara governorate-2.svg
Eritrea Governorate Eritrea Asmara 1.000.000 ab. ER Coat of arms of Eritrea (1926-1941).svg
Harrar Governorate Harar Harrar 1.300.000 ab. HA Coat of arms of harar governorate.svg
Galla-Sidamo Governorate Galla e Sidama Jimma/Gimma 1.600.000 ab. GS Coat of arms of Galla-Sidamo governorate.svg
Shewa Governorate also Scioa Governorate[1] Shewa (or Scioà) Addis Abeba 300.000 ab. SC Coat of arms of Scioa governorate.svg
Somalia Governorate also Somali Governorate[1] Somalia Mogadishu/Mogadiscio 1.300.000 ab. SOM Coat of arms of Italian Somaliland governorate.svg

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