Scorched-Earth Policy

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Scorched-Earth Policy
Origin Oakland, California, United States
Genres Thrash metal, progressive rock
Years active 1997-Present
Labels Rage of Achilles, This Dark Reign
Associated acts Acid King, Forbidden (band), Manmade God
Members Judd Mason, Lance Lea, Mark Lamb, Terry Goss
Past members Carlos Santiago, George Astin, Glen Alvelais, James Walker, John Miller, Rich Perot

Scorched-Earth Policy is a thrash metal band from Oakland, California. It was formed in 1997 by current members Mark Lamb, and Lance Lea.

Members of this act have included long established musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. Current and former members of Scorched-Earth Policy have been in such notable acts as Acid King, Forbidden (band), Testament, WarDance, Earth Crawler, and Manmade God.

Every release since the Bootcamp demo has been engineered by Thilo Fehlinger, who has worked with Death Angel, and Exodus (band) to name a few.


Year Title Notes
1998 Insurrection
1999 Tones of Ambivalence XCIX
2000 Bootcamp The track “Politics” was included on the Rock Hard magazine “Best Unsigned Bands of 2000” compilation CD. The track “Reclusion” was featured on the “From Hell” compilation CD released in November 2002 by This Dark Reign Records.
2001 Scorched-Earth Policy Contains the tracks from the “Tones of Ambivalence XCIX” and “Bootcamp” albums on one compact disc.
2002 Salvage Nothing The track “Oblong” was included on the Norcal Underground Metal Compilation CD.
2006 MMVI The track “Dropping Names” was featured in the ESPN documentary “199 Lives: The Travis Pastrana Story”.
2011 Millennial Delusions The track "Mourn Again" is on rotation on The Liquid Metal channel on SiriusXM.


September 2000 – Voted by Germany’s Rock Hard magazine as one of 20 best unsigned bands.

July 2008 – The song “Dropping Names” used on the soundtrack to 199 Lives: The Travis Pastrana Story.

February 2010 – One of 20 finalists in the Scion AV/ “No Label Needed” Contest.

January 2011 – "Millennial Delusions" named one of the most anticipated releases of the year by

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