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Scott Adams

Scott Raymond Adams is the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, the author of several nonfiction works of satire and business. His Dilbert series came to national prominence through the downsizing period in 1990s America and was distributed worldwide. Adams worked in various roles at big businesses before he became a full-time cartoonist in 1995, he writes in a satirical sarcastic way about the social and psychological landscape of white-collar workers in modern business corporations. Adams was born in 1957 in the son of Paul and Virginia Adams, he is of half-German descent and has English, Welsh, Dutch, a small amount of American Indian ancestry. He was a fan of the Peanuts comics while growing up, started drawing his own comics at age 6, he won a drawing competition at age 11. Adams graduated valedictorian from Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central School in 1975 in a class of 39, he remained in the area and received a BA in economics from Hartwick College in 1979. He moved to California a few months after his graduation.

Adams earned an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley in 1986. Adams worked with telecommunications engineers at Crocker National Bank in San Francisco between 1979 and 1986. Upon joining the organization, he entered a management training program after being held at gunpoint twice in four months as a teller. Over the years, his positions included management trainee, computer programmer, budget analyst, commercial lender, product manager, supervisor. Adams created Dilbert during this period. Dogbert named Dildog, was loosely based on his family's deceased pet beagle Lucy. Submissions to various publications of both Dilbert and non-Dilbert comic panels failed to win publication; these included Playboy. An inspirational letter from a fan, persuaded Adams to keep trying, he worked at Pacific Bell between 1986 and June 1995. Adams first published Dilbert with United Media in 1989, he had to draw his cartoons at 4 a.m.. His first paycheck for Dilbert was a monthly royalty check of $368.62. Dilbert became more popular and was published by 100 newspapers in 1991, 400 by 1994.

Adams attributes his success to his idea of including his e-mail address in the panels, thus facilitating feedback from readers. Adams's success grew, he became a full-time cartoonist with Dilbert in 800 newspapers. In 1996, the Dilbert principle was released, his first business book. Logitech CEO Pierluigi Zappacosta invited Adams to impersonate a management consultant, which he did wearing a wig and false mustache, he tricked Logitech managers into adopting a mission statement that Adams described as "so impossibly complicated that it has no real content whatsoever". That year, he won the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year, Best Newspaper Comic Strip of 1997, the most prestigious awards in the field. In 1998, Dilbert began as a TV series, but was canceled in 2000. By 2000, the comic was in 2,000 newspapers in 19 languages. I got the call. "You're number one." I still haven't popped the champagne. I just raise the bar for what would be the right moment, tell myself how tasty it will be if I accomplish something special in my work.

The thing inside me that makes me work so hard is the same thing that keeps me unsatisfied. Adams was a fan of the science fiction TV series Babylon 5, he appeared in the season 4 episode "Moments of Transition" as a character named "Mr. Adams" who hires former head of security Michael Garibaldi to locate his megalomaniacal dog and cat, he had a cameo in "Review", a third-season episode of the TV series NewsRadio, in which Matthew Brock becomes an obsessed Dilbert fan. Adams is credited as "Guy in line behind Dave and Joe in first scene". Adams was the CEO of Inc. makers of the Dilberito and Protein Chef. He sold off his intellectual property in this venture, he was a restaurateur but exited that business. Adams describes his failures and what he learned from them in his book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Adams is a former member of Mensa. In recent years, Adams has had two notable health problems. Since late 2004, he has suffered from a reemergence of focal dystonia, which has affected for lengthy periods his ability to draw on paper, though it causes no real problem now that he draws the comic on a graphics tablet.

He suffered from spasmodic dysphonia, a condition that causes the vocal cords to behave in an abnormal manner. He recovered from this condition temporarily, but in July 2008 underwent surgery to reroute the nerve connections to his vocal cords; the operation was successful, Adams' voice is now functional. Adams was trained as a hypnotist, he credits affirmations for many of his achievements, including Dilbert's success and achieving a ninety-fourth percentile on a difficult qualification exam for business school, among other unlikely events. He states, he has described a method. He pictured in his mind what he wanted, wrote it down 15 times a day on a piece of paper. In addition to his cartoon work, he has written two books on religion, God's Debris, The Religion War. God's Debris lays out a theory of Pandeism, in which God blows itself up to see what will happen, which becomes the cause of our universe. In God's Debris, Adams suggests

Eddie Gilbert (wrestler)

Thomas Edward "Eddie" Gilbert Jr. was an American professional wrestler and booker, better known by his ring name, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert. Gilbert started wrestling in 1977 in the Memphis, Tennessee-based Continental Wrestling Association as "Tommy Gilbert Jr." in honor of his father, Tommy Gilbert. In 1980, he and his father won the AWA Southern Tag Team Championship, he spent a little bit of time wrestling in the World Wrestling Federation as an enhancement talent in 1982, before being promoted to mid-card status. He continued to work his way up the card when he was legitimately injured in a car accident in 1983, he spent several months recovering before returning to the ring. Gilbert continued wrestling for the WWF until 1984, he began making a name for himself as Eddie Gilbert in CWA in Memphis, Tennessee. He teamed with Ricky Morton in those years. In addition, he formed a team with Tommy Rich as "Fargo's Fabulous Ones", an attempt by Mid-Southern to bury and still cash in on the fame attained by the previous incarnation of the Fabulous Ones, Steve Keirn and Stan Lane, who walked out of the territory after a dispute.

They held the AWA Southern Tag Team titles in 1984 until dropping them to Phil Hickerson and the Spoiler. The duo would break up soon with Gilbert turning heel; the two had a brief but intense feud, which memorably began on television when the two were presented with a "Tag Team of the Year" award by announcer Lance Russell and two guests. Gilbert, unaware his former partner was at the taping, badmouthed Rich the International Heavyweight Champion, until Rich came out to confront him. Rich got the upper hand, running Gibert into the steel ringpost several times, bloodying him in the process before the cameras went to a commercial. After the commercial break, Gilbert told Russell he wanted Rich to come back out so he could apologize to him in person, stating he was wrong for still being bitter about the break-up of the team, was fueled by jealousy of Rich's championship title reign and new found star status; when Rich accepted Gilbert's apology, Gilbert turned on him and, in front of a stunned audience and a speechless Russell, rammed Rich's head into the ringpost, just as Rich had done to him moments earlier.

Gilbert made his way to Bill Watts' Mid-South territory. In 1986, Gilbert went to work for Bill Watts at Universal Wrestling Federation, Eddie added the "Hot Stuff" to his name, he started a heel stable of wrestlers called "Hot Stuff International, Inc." and he managed it and wrestled. His stable included Ultimate Warrior and Rick Steiner before they were stars, he was always a ladies' man and he stole Missy Hyatt from John Tatum in 1987, with his stable being renamed "H & H International, Inc." He married Hyatt in 1988. Iceman Parsons and Dick Murdoch would join his stable on at different times as well. Sting would leave "Hot Stuff International, Inc." and feud with them. Eddie worked as a booker, who came up with the famous Battle of New Orleans angle in late-1987 involving Chris Adams, Terry Taylor and himself. Following a match in which Taylor defeated Shane Douglas due to interference by both Gilbert and Rick Steiner, Adams told referee Randy Anderson of the interference; as Adams pleaded his case with Anderson and Taylor attacked him, Sting evened the sides.

The angle spilled outside the ring into the stands, near the concession area, featuring a huge brawl involving beer kegs, trash cans, popcorn machines and other objects. Gilbert was awarded Best Booker of 1988 by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he would stay with the Universal Wrestling Federation until the Purchase from Jim Crockett Promotions From there, Gilbert worked in Alabama's Continental Wrestling Federation, where he reformed Hot Stuff Inc. Gilbert served as booker, with Paul Heyman as his assistant; the CWF was broadcast nationally on the Financial News Network, Gilbert's creative work was praised by wrestling journalists. However, Gilbert left due to conflicts with management. Gilbert went to the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions -- which had purchased the UWF—and brought Hyatt and his brother Doug Gilbert with him. Eddie teamed with Rick Steiner to feud with his Varsity Club, he became involved in a feud with Ric Flair and Barry Windham in which he teamed with Ricky Steamboat and Lex Luger.

Near the end of his stint there, JCP was renamed World Championship Wrestling, Gilbert was featured in the first WCW video game. Eddie left WCW in late 1989 and divorced Hyatt, he went back to the independents. He worked for the United States Wrestling Association in Memphis and the Global Wrestling Federation, as well as Philadelphia's Tri-State Wrestling Alliance promotion. Gilbert married Madusa at this time after having hit it off with Madusa on TWA promoter Joel Goodhart's radio show, but the marriage was brief. Gilbert's most famous feud in the Memphis territory involved an angle between himself and Lawler in 1990. Eddie and his brother Doug were "fired" from the promotion, in retaliation hit Lawler with their car and fled the scene. Numerous home viewers, fearing for Lawler called the police to report what they had just seen as a legitimate vehicular assault. Lawler had to inform the police what was going on and Lawler was forced to appear on television sooner than intended out of concern that Gilbert would have been legitimately arrested if he didn't show on

John Hathorne

John Hathorne was a merchant and magistrate of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Salem, Massachusetts. He is best known for his early and vocal role as one of the leading judges in the Salem witch trials. Hathorne was absent from the list of men appointed to the Court of Oyer & Terminer in June 1692; that court relied on the spectral evidence, examinations and affidavits conducted by Hathorne, co-signed by Jonathan Corwin, recorded by Rev. Samuel Parris and/or Ezekiel Cheever Jr. On September 22, 1692, the date of the final eight executions, Hathorne was present at a meeting with Stoughton and Cotton Mather to discuss using court records in a new publication designed to promote the trials. Unlike Samuel Sewall, Hathorne is not known to have repented for his actions, he was a patrilineal ancestor of writer Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hathorne's father, Major William Hathorne, was among the early settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1630s and held a number of military and political positions for several decades.

John was born in Salem in August 1641. John married in Salem, March 22, 1674/5, Ruth Gardner, granddaughter of "Old Planter" Thomas Gardner, a settler of Salem who arrived as part of colonization efforts funded by the Dorchester Company in 1625. Hathorne expanded on the successes of his father in building a small empire based on land and merchant trade to England and the West Indies. In addition to lands in the Salem area he had interests in the lands of what is now Maine, he assumed positions of authority in the town, was appointed a justice of the peace of Essex County, served as a member of the colony's council of assistants. In this role he was called on to mediate disputes in the county's towns, including Salem Village; when in early 1692 accusations of witchcraft began to circulate in Salem Village and magistrate Jonathan Corwin were called upon to question both accusers and accused to determine if there was cause for a trial. Hathorne's questioning of a number of individuals was characterized at the time as somewhat harsh.

Historical and fictional accounts of the trials depict him as convinced that the accused were guilty. He is noted for his questioning of Rebecca Nurse and Bridget Bishop: Bishop: I am no witch Hathorne: Why if you have not wrote in the book, yet tell me how far you have gone? Bishop: I have no familiarity with the devil. Hathorne: How is it that your appearance doth hurt these? Bishop: I am innocent. Hathorne: Why you seem to act witchcraft before us by the motion of your body which seems to have influence upon the afflicted. Bishop: I know nothing of it. I am innocent to a witch. I know not. Hathorne: How do you know that you are not a witch? Bishop: I do not know what you say. Hathorne: How can you know, you are no witch, yet not know what a witch is? Bishop: I am clear... --Records of Salem witchcraft, copied from the original documents by Woodward, William Eliot, 1864When the Special Court of Oyer and Terminer was established in May 1692, Governor Sir William Phips did not appoint Hathorne to the panel, headed by Lieutenant Governor William Stoughton.

This panel heard trials in which 19 were executed for witchcraft. The special court was replaced in 1693 by the Superior Court of Judicature, on which Hathorne was not seated. In the 1690s Hathorne followed in his father's military footsteps and became more involved in the colonial military activities of King William's War, leading forces in the 1696 Siege of Fort Nashwaak, he continued to be active in the colonial militia, was promoted to colonel in 1711. He was finally appointed to the Superior Court by Governor Joseph Dudley, a seat he held until 1711, he died in Salem in 1717, is interred in the Burying Point Cemetery along with a number of his descendants. Over 300 years after his death, Hathorne is still remembered in Massachusetts as a cruel zealot unable to show mercy, his reputation is such that he has been nicknamed "the Hanging Judge," as oral tradition reputes him as a man from whose clutches it was rare to escape and holds him as a symbol of using the bench to commit murder. John was the great-great-grandfather of Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of many works, including The Scarlet Letter and The House of the Seven Gables.

The latter work, set in Salem, contains allusions to the witch trials in its history of the house. Hawthorne was somewhat distressed and ashamed at his ancestor's lack of remorse over the trials. Nathaniel may have adopted the "Hawthorne" spelling in an effort to dissociate himself from the judge, he did publish several works in 1830 under the Hathorne name, his assumption of the modified spelling may have been an echo of the family's ancestral name from Bray, England. Historical documents from England contain a variety of spellings of the name, including Hauthorne, Hathorn and Hawthorne. In Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, Hathorne is portrayed as quite sadistic and, quite the most ignorant, antagonistic character besides Abigail Williams and her posse. Hathorne is the leading judge who continually denies witnesses any chance to redeem their names in court, as

1955 NCAA baseball season

The 1955 NCAA baseball season, play of college baseball in the United States organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association began in the spring of 1955. The season concluded with the 1955 College World Series; the College World Series, held for the ninth time in 1955, consisted of one team from each of eight geographical districts and was held in Omaha, Nebraska at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium as a double-elimination tournament. Wake Forest claimed the championship; this is a partial list of conference champions from the 1955 season. Each of the eight geographical districts chose, by various methods, the team that would represent them in the NCAA Tournament. 12 teams earned automatic bids by winning their conference championship while 13 teams earned at-large selections. The following is an incomplete list of conference standings: The 1955 season marked the ninth NCAA Baseball Tournament, which consisted of the eight team College World Series; the College World Series was held in Nebraska.

The eight teams played a double-elimination format, with Wake Forest claiming their first championship with a 7–6 win over Western Michigan in the final

Young Chef Olympiad

Young Chef Olympiad is an International Cooking Competition based in India founded by Dr. Suborno Bose, it is in its 5th season. The International kyak pa Olympiad 2015 was held in the city of India; the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India supported the world’s first such event. The event was declared open at the City Centre on 29 January 2015. All the participating countries namely United States, UK, France, China, Thailand, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India, marched in to the arena with their country flags, supported by their teams and to unceasing applause from the crowd. India was represented by 3rd year student of IIHM Jaipur. Chief Guest for the evening, Mr. Scott Furssedonn Wood, the British Deputy High Commissioner in Kolkata, wished luck to the participants. Dr. Suborno Bose, founder of Young Chef Olympiad concept and chairman of the organizing committee of the event and Chief Mentor of International Institute of Hotel Management unveiled the YCO trophy and declared the Olympiad open.

The Young Chef Olympiad flag was carried to the opening ceremony by 4 women. Ms Madhumita Mohanta, Executive Chef of the Lalit Great Eastern – Kolkata, Siddhika Ghosh – Owner of Restaurant "The Wise Owl" in Kolkata, Chef Payal – Master Chef Finalist from Kolkata and Chef Priti Singh, Faculty- IIHM Kolkata; the YCO oath was taken by Dhriti of India on behalf of all the participants. The Olympiad torch was carried to the arena by Garima Poddar, winner of the Young Chef India Schools 2014 contest held in London, along with all the contestants lit up the main torch positioned on the top of the cake under the supervision of the Culinary Director of IIHM Chef Sanjay Kak; the lighting of the flames was followed by the cake cutting ceremony. The 15 participants were Dylan from USA, Leo from France, Marcin from Spain, Marlon from China, Sumaiya from Bangladesh, Ian from Kenya, Indra from Bhutan, Tadiwa from Zimbabwe, Harsha from Sri Lanka, Ryan from Switzerland, Jennipha from Thailand, Tajinder from UK, Htoo from Myanmar, Ashwin from Malaysia and Dhriti from India.

They had to compete against each other for the top 8 positions on 30 January in the preliminary and elimination round. They had to cook within a specified time, they were marked on creativity, hygiene and optimum utilization of the ingredients. The team of judges was headed by Prof. David Foskett – Head, London School of Hospitality and Tourism, University of West London, UK along with Chef Kunal Kapur of the Master Chef India fame, noted food critic and writer – Chef Karen Anand, Italian Master Chef Roberto Boggio, Chef Shaun Kenworthy; the final was a contest between Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, Kenya and India. In the competitive finals the contestants were asked to cook vegetarian dishes, challenging for contestants from France and Spain as they were not trained to cook such dishes; the winner was Ashwin from Malaysia, followed by 1st runner up Marcin from Spain and 2nd runner up Tajinder from UK. Judges was given to Ian from Kenya. Ashwin, the 2015 Young Chef Olympiad winner, was awarded a cash prize of $10,000 USD, the YCO trophy and a gold medal.

The 2nd International Young Chef Olympiad 2016, supported by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, organized by International Institute of Hotel Management was held across 4 cites, Mumbai and Kolkata and saw a participation from over 50 countries around the world. The opening ceremony was held at the Talkatora Stadium, Delhi on 27 January 2016. Students from various Delhi schools performed at the opening ceremony of YCO 2016; the countries were divided into 3 groups for the round 1 of the competition. Round 1 at Delhi was held on 28 January 2016 at the IIHM, Delhi Campus and Group 2 and 3 flew to Mumbai and Bangalore for their Round 1, held on 29 January 2016. Round 1 at Mumbai was held at the Mumbai Cricket Association, Bandra Kurla Complex and Bangalore Round 1 was held at the Royal Orchid Hotel. Round 2 & the Grand Finale was held at Kolkata. There was a distinguished panel of Judges to judge the competition headed by Dr. David Foskett, the dean and head of the London School of Hospitality and Tourism at the University of West London, is the chairman of the YCO jury.

The jury had Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, the principal judge and YCO mentor. Other panel members were Chef Kunal Kapur, Chef Andreas Muller, Chef Udo Leick, Chef Manjit Singh Gill, Chef Karen Anand, Chef Abhijit Saha and Chef Shaun Kenworthy. After Round 2, 11 countries were selected for the final, they were UAE, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Romania, USA & Hong Kong. The Award & Closing Ceremony was held at the Wet-O-Wild ground of Nicco Park. Usha Uthup was the star performer of the night; the joint second runner-up was Johan Kurkela from Finland & Fernando Andres Guajardo Moguel from Mexico. The first runner-up was Gabriela Aleksandrova Hristova from UAE; the winner of the 2nd International Young Chef Olympiad 2016 was Daniella Garmond from Canadian Food & Wine Institute, Canada. The trophy and cash prize of USD 10,000 was presented by Dr. Suborno Bose; the panel of Judges and Chef Ranveer Brar was present. Commenting on the event, Dr. Suborno Bose, Chairman of the Young Chef Olympiad and CEO-IIHM, said, “We are delighted at the global participation this year.

It is a fantastic event. Food continues to be so in today's day and age. YCO has connected talent across borders from the best culinary colleges under one r

Back Up (Dej Loaf song)

"Back Up" is a song recorded by American rapper Dej Loaf, featuring American rapper Big Sean. It was released by Columbia Records on July 15, 2015, as the first single from Loaf's debut EP... And See That's the Thing; the song was written by Big Sean, Clenton Gosberry and Kyle Adams. "Back Up" contains a sample from the song "Back Up Off Me" by DJ Clent. A music video, directed by Alex Nazari, was filmed at Detroit's Royal Skate Land, it premiered via Loaf's VEVO channel on October 5, 2015. "Back Up" debuted at number 83 on the US Billboard Hot 100 for the chart dated October 24, 2015. The song was certified Platinum by the RIAA on October 19, 2016. Music video on YouTube Audio on YouTube Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics