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Schedule in 1941
Ad in Life Magazine, April 1940

The Scout was one of the named passenger trains of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. It started as train Nos. 1 (westbound) & 10 (eastbound) between Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California. Inaugurated on January 16, 1916, this "budget" heavyweight train had tourist sleeping cars with upper and lower berths, "chair" cars (coaches) and an open-end observation car.

The train was assigned Nos. 1 & 2 in 1920 and reverted to Nos. 1 & 10 a year later. In summer 1926 it left Chicago at 1115 and arrived Los Angeles at 0900 three days later, running via Ottawa Jct, Amarillo and Fullerton. In November 1939 it left at 2045 and arrived 0700, sixty hours on the same route except via Pasadena.

The Scout made its last run on June 7, 1948.



  • January 19, 1916: The Scout commences operation.
  • 1920: The eastbound Scout is assigned No. 2, but becomes No. 10 the following year.
  • January 4, 1931: The Scout is discontinued during the Great Depression. Thereafter, economy service was provided by the Hopi, the Missionary, and the Navajo.
  • May 10, 1936: The "new" (renovated) Scout resumes. The westbound trip was completed in 60 hours, 15 minutes, while the eastbound schedule was reduced to 58 hours, 35 minutes.
  • June 7, 1948: The Scout is withdrawn as passengers prefer to use Santa Fe's streamlined trains.

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