Scratch or Stitch

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Scratch or Stitch
Studio album by Melt-Banana
Released November 1995 (CD)
May 1996 (LP, CD)
Recorded July - August 1995
Length 31:13
Label Meldac (Japan)
Skin Graft (U.S.)
Producer Steve Albini
Melt-Banana chronology
Cactuses Come in Flocks
(1994)Cactuses Come in Flocks1994
Scratch or Stitch
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars link
Pitchfork Media8.2/10 link

Scratch or Stitch is an album by Melt-Banana. This album was the first breakthrough for the band, as well as their first actual U.S. release. LP versions of this album were limited to 2,600 copies, housed in rubber packaging with a poster lyric sheet and a special Melt-Banana temporary tattoo.

The album was recorded in July-August 1995 by Jim O'Rourke and produced by Steve Albini. This along with a US tour with Mr. Bungle helped establish Melt-Banana as one of the leading new Japanese punk rock bands. Melt-Banana have said in interviews how the audience would scream "We want to see Mr. Bungle", "Freebird" and "Go back to Japan", showing how unknown they were at that time.

The track list is filled with Melt-Banana live favorites such as "Plot in a Pot", "Scratch or Stitch", "Sick Zip Everywhere", "It's in the Pillcase", "His Name is Mickey" and "Iguana in Trouble". A promotional video was made for "Sick Zip Everywhere".

Track listing[edit]

1."Plot in a Pot"1:19
2."Scratch or Stitch"1:02
3."Sick Zip Everywhere"1:51
4."Disposable Weathercock"1:43
5."Ten Dollars a Pile"0:59
7."Buzzer #P"1:46
8."Rough Dogs Have Bumps"1:49
9."Iguana in Trouble"2:21
10."It's in the Pillcase"1:30
11."Test: Ground 1"0:30
12."Zoo, No Vacancy"0:15
13."A Finger to Hackle"0:22
14."Type B for Me"0:09
15."His Name Is Mickey (At Last She Got Him...)"0:21
16."Back to the Womb"2:46
17."I Hate It"0:58
18."What Do You Slaughter Next?"1:42
19."Eye-Q Trader"1:48
20."Dig Out!"2:23
21."Contortion Out of Confusion"1:39
22."Pigeon on My Eyes (Go to Bed!!!)"2:33