Screen International

Screen International is a film magazine covering the international film business. It is published by a British B2B media company; the magazine is aimed at those involved in the global film business. The magazine in its current form was founded in 1975, its website,, was added in 2001. Screen International produces daily publications at film festivals and markets in Berlin, Germany. Screen International traces its history back to 1889 when it was founded under the name of Optical Magic Lantern and Photographic Enlarger, only to change its name to Cinematographic Journal at the turn of the 20th century; the name was changed to Kine Weekly in 1907 and to Today's Cinema sixty five years in 1972. In 1975, Peter King purchased CinemaTV Today from Sir John Woolf and relaunched the publication as Screen International. 1889: founded as Optical Magic Lantern and Photographic Enlarger 1900: becomes Cinematographic Journal 1907: becomes Kine Weekly 1972: becomes Today’s Cinema and subsequently CinemaTV Today 1975: becomes Screen International published by Rex PublicationsMany Screen International journalists have gone on to become major industry figures, including Colin Vaines, who ran production for companies such as Miramax and GK Films, who has produced many award-winning film and television projects.

Screen International has offices in: Hong Kong London, United Kingdom Los Angeles, United States New York City, New York, United StatesIt has a network of more than forty correspondents around the world. It hosts conferences, including the annual European Film Finance Summit in Berlin and the UK Film Finance Conference in London. In addition to its print magazine, Screen International maintains Screen Daily website, providing a real-time view of the film industry. From February 2011 until July 2012, the editor of Screen International was Mike Goodridge, based in the main London office. Goodridge was succeeded by Wendy Mitchell, who worked at Screen as UK Reporter and Senior Editor; the US office is run by journalist Jeremy Kay, the Asia bureau chief, based in Hong Kong, is Liz Shackleton. Its official photographer is Andrew Douglas Ross; the editors of Screen International have been: Quentin Falk, Editor Colin Vaines, Co-Editor Adrian Hodges, Co-Editor Terry Ilott, Editor Nick Roddick, Editor Boyd Farrow, Editor Colin Brown, Editor-in-Chief Michael Gubbins, Editor Mike Goodridge, Editor Wendy Mitchell, Editor Matt Mueller, Editor A former editor in chief, Oscar Moore—who was a columnist for The Guardian and a novelist—died of an AIDS-related illness in 1996.

The Oscar Moore Foundation was established in 1997 as a charitable foundation administered by Screen International. The foundation's aim is to foster new European screenwriting talent by awarding an annual prize of UK£10,000 to the best first draft screenplay in a genre which changes each year. A foundation patron, Emma Thompson, is an actress and screenwriter who has won an Academy Award for both disciplines. One of Screen International's most influential areas of work is its international talent spotting under the Stars Of Tomorrow brand. A special edition of the magazine to highlight up-and-coming talent was established in 2004 in the UK. Since 2010, Stars of Tomorrow has been curated by Screen chief film critic. Alastair Clark Rachel Robey Mia Bays Anna Higgs Gavin Humphries Peter Harness Jesse Lawrence writer-director The magazine's international competitors include its American counterparts Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. List of film periodicals Official website Media Business Insight

Alyx Vance

Alyx Vance is a non-player character in Valve's 2004 first-person shooter video game Half-Life 2, its following episodes Half-Life 2: Episode One and Episode Two. She is set to appear as the player character in the upcoming VR game Half-Life: Alyx. Alyx is portrayed as a young woman in her mid-twenties of Afro-Asian descent, is a prominent figure in the human resistance against the rule of the alien race called the Combine and their human representative, Dr. Wallace Breen, she is a close ally of the player's character, Gordon Freeman. Alyx's character uses a modified version of real-life actress Jamil Mullen's face, her voice is performed by Merle Dandridge. Alyx is the daughter of Dr. Eli Vance, her mother, Azian Vance, of Asian descent, can be seen in a family photograph appearing in the games, but is not part of the story. Azian died during the Black Mesa incident. Alyx is a skilled hacker, adept at reprogramming them, she possesses a multi-purpose tool that uses an electric charge in order to bypass security systems, open locked doors, re-program rollermines and automated turrets to attack enemies.

Alyx is proficient with firearms, in particular the automatic pistol she carries. At certain points in the game, she wields a shotgun and mans a stationary sniper rifle. In addition, she has some skill in unarmed combat and will wrestle off or kick headcrab zombies. Alyx is very athletic, capable of effortlessly jumping down obstacles and climbing up the side of buildings. Alyx is a friendly person making optimistic remarks in dire situations. Does she become hostile towards others, with the exception of Judith Mossman who betrayed the Resistance, she has a caring side, asking Gordon to be careful when he goes into dangerous areas and feeling sorry for a traincar filled with sleeping Stalkers. At times, Alyx shows a fragile, scared side that she bottles up in order to maintain the situation. Alyx is very educated, forming opinions on the Combine and the Resistance independently, she has proven to be calm yet stern during combat, helping out in any way she can. Alyx has proven to be skilled in shooting, climbing and repairing machines and vehicles.

She has a sense of humor, as evidenced by the jokes she makes about the Combine or Gordon's silence. Alyx helps Gordon more and directly than any other character in Half-Life 2. In the first chapter, Alyx saves Gordon from Civil Protection forces when he is unarmed and not yet wearing his protective HEV suit. In Black Mesa East, she gives Gordon the gravity gun and instructs Gordon in its use. During the chapter titled Entanglement, she helps search Nova Prospekt for Eli, she fights alongside Gordon through a section of City 17 during the armed uprising in Anticitizen One, provides indirect assistance to Gordon during the final confrontation with Dr. Breen in the final areas of the Citadel in Dark Energy. In Black Mesa East, Alyx argues heatedly with Dr. Judith Mossman. Alyx's hostility towards Mossman is justified: Gordon and Alyx learn in Entanglement that Mossman has betrayed the resistance and given away the location of their hidden facility. In Dark Energy, Dr. Mossman switches sides again and the two women make peace.

In the ending scene of Half-Life 2, Alyx is with Gordon at the time of the dark energy explosion. The G-Man leaves Alyx to her fate. In Half-Life 2: Episode One, before the explosion can kill her, Alyx is rescued by Vortigaunts who retrieve Gordon from the G-Man, leaving them both outside the Citadel. Together, they have to revisit the structure to slow the core's progression toward meltdown, delaying the explosion. Alyx and Gordon stick together for most of Episode One getting out of the zombie-infested underground station to the surface, they soon meet up with Barney Calhoun and make a push for a different train station, saving the remaining rebel members. Gordon and Alyx leave Barney on a separate train and jump on the last train heading out of the City just as the Citadel explodes. In Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Gordon travel to the White Forest Rocket Facility to deliver a crucial information packet stolen from the Citadel. Along the way, she is gravely wounded by a Combine Hunter. Healing her requires Gordon to make a dangerous trek through an Antlion colony to retrieve their "larval extract," an essential ingredient in the vortigaunt healing process.

As part of the healing process, her life is entwined with Gordon's. During this time, the G-Man appears to Gordon in a surreal "heart-to-heart" sequence and programs Alyx to tell her father to "prepare for unforeseen consequences." Once Alyx awakens and Gordon resume their quest toward White Forest. During their second encounter with Hunters, Alyx resolves not to run from them again. Aside from the Hunters and Gordon fight numerous Combine soldiers, zombies, a Hunter-Chopper, have a chance encounter with a Combine Advisor. Upon arriving at White Forest, Alyx is reunited with her father, who suggests that Alyx and Gordon should have children together, she delivers the Combine data to Dr. Kleiner, who manages to decrypt it and discover that Judith Mossman has found the legendary Borealis, an icebreaker ship which has disappeared during teleportation experiments; as Kleiner argues with Eli about what to do with the Borealis, the G-Man triggers her programming. She arranges transport to the Borealis in the form of a vintage helicopter while Gordon fights off an invasion by Striders.


GA module

In molecular biology, the GA module, or protein G-related albumin-binding module, is a protein domain which occurs on the surface of numerous Gram-positive bacterial pathogens. Protein G of group C and G Streptococci interacts with the constant region of IgG and with human serum albumin; the GA module is composed of a left-handed three-helix bundle and is found in a range of bacterial cell surface proteins. GA modules may promote bacterial growth and virulence in mammalian hosts by scavenging albumin-bound nutrients and camouflaging the bacteria. Variations in sequence give rise to differences in structure and function between GA modules in different proteins, which could alter pathogenesis and host specificity due to their varied affinities for different species of albumin. Proteins containing a GA module include PAB from Peptostreptococcus magnus