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A Seapost was a mail compartment aboard an ocean-going vessel in which international exchange mail was distributed. The first USA service of this type was the U.S.-German Seapost, which began operating in 1891 on the S.S. Havel North German Lloyd Line. This service rapidly expanded with routes to Great Britain, Central America, South America, and Asia; the Seapost service still employed fifty-five clerks in early 1941. The last route of this type (to South America) was terminated October 19, 1941, due to unsafe wartime conditions on the Atlantic Ocean; the few remaining Seapost clerks transferred to other branches of the Railway Mail Service (RMS). Seapost operations for the Post Office Department were supervised from a New York City, New York, office.

Sea Post Offices were also operated by the Postal Authorities of France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan and New Zealand.


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