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Seaside FM 105.3
Seaside FM logo.png
City Withernsea
Broadcast area Holderness
Branding 105.3 Seaside FM
Slogan "More Music, More Fun, More Local"
Frequency 105.3 FM MHz and Internet
First air date 3 p.m. 5 October 2007
Format Contemporary music and community based speech
Power 30 watts
Transmitter coordinates 53°43′53″N 0°02′01″E / 53.7313°N 0.0337°E / 53.7313; 0.0337Coordinates: 53°43′53″N 0°02′01″E / 53.7313°N 0.0337°E / 53.7313; 0.0337
Owner Seaside Radio Ltd.

105.3 Seaside FM (originally known as Seaside Radio) is an Independent Community Radio station based in Withernsea, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. Seaside FM has previously had a Restricted Service Licence, which allowed short periods on-air.


105.3 Seaside FM is based within the South Holderness Resource Centre (also known as the SHoRes Centre) on Seaside Road in the south Holderness town of Withernsea. This follows a move from rented premises at 27 Seaside Road, between AJ's Cafe and the South Holderness Resource Centre.

History and background[edit]

"Seaside Radio Ltd" was originally set up by former Holderness Gazette editor Lyz Turner in 2003, along with volunteers such as Carl Slaughter and Luke Cullen. It was part of a community based communication and entertainment radio project.

However, Seaside FM actually dates back to Easter 2001 when a temporary broadcast was set up in Keyingham in a property next to the old Junior School. Several youngsters had regular slots including Sean Hunter, Tom Fisher, Darren Spencer, and Ben Fisher, amongst others. Known then as Seaside Radio, the signal was also picked up in both Withernsea and the borders of Kingston upon Hull. After the broadcast, it was thought that Seaside Radio could be developed further.

A further number of small broadcasts took place in various places around the East Coast including Bridlington and Filey.[1]

As well as radio broadcasting, the station also provided editing and training services for the community, which was seen as an important part of the regeneration of the area.[by whom?]

Seaside FM also had a mobile training facility in the form of a converted camper van fully equipped with a dual CD player, MiniDisc player, mixing desk, video cameras, still cameras, and recording equipment.

In November 2005, Ofcom awarded the station a full-time licence on the frequency of 105.3 MHz.

On 7 December 2006, Seaside FM passed an Ofcom inspection and was given the green light to start broadcasting.

After four years building Seaside FM from scratch and gaining charity status for the social enterprise, Turner stood down as Station Manager in September 2007, after obtaining all licences. In early 2007 the transmitter tower was erected before the arrival of the new manager.

Irishman Justin Macartney then took over on 3 September 2007. Following a second Ofcom inspection visit, Seaside FM 105.3 launched on 5 October 2007. Macartney stayed in charge of Seaside FM for the first five-year licence term. The SHoRes Centre took over responsibility for the licence and a second five-year OFCOM licence was offered and accepted. A third five-year licence has now been offered by OFCOM.

105.3 Seaside FM continues to broadcast its popular, unique mix of well known songs, chat and local information, and is supported more by the local community than ever before. It broadcasts from a broadcast suite located within the SHoRes Centre on Seaside Road in Withernsea.


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