Second Shō Dynasty

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Hidari mitsudomoe.svg
FounderShō En
Current headMamoru Shō
Final rulerShō Tai
TitlesShui-tiin-ganashi (首里天加那志)

The Second Shō Dynasty (第二尚氏王朝) was a royal house which ruled the Ryukyu Kingdom after the First Shō Dynasty, reigning from 1470 until the abdication of King Shō Tai in 1879.

The ancestors of the Second Shō Dynasty came from Izena Island,[1][2] a small island which lies off the northwestern coast of Okinawa Island. Shō En traveled to Shuri in 1441, and became a retainer of Prince Shō Taikyū, he was appointed as the treasurer after Shō Taikyū became the king.[3] Shō En ascended to the throne after a coup d'état in 1469, and he claimed to be the crown prince of Shō Taikyū, which resulted in his reign being accepted by the Ming Dynasty in 1471.

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