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Secret Agent 077 was officially a trilogy of Eurospy films with Ken Clark as Dick Malloy (or Maloy).[1] However "077" was used on posters or advertising of several other Eurospy films with little or no relationship to each other perhaps to exploit the audience's knowledge of 007 .

Official entries[edit]

The first two were directed by Sergio Grieco under the pseudonym Terence Hathaway, the third directed by Alberto De Martino, with all starring Ken Clark.

In 1967 the same production company produced The Tiffany Memorandum directed by Grieco but starring Clark as "Dick Hallam" a journalist drawn into the CIA.

Other films[edit]

Brett Halsey played an Agent 077 with the name of George Farrell in Espionage in Lisbon whilst Luis Dávila played Agent S.077 with the name of "Marc Mato" or "Mike Murphy" in Espionage in Tangier.

Richard Harrison's Bob Fleming in Secret Agent Fireball and Killers Are Challenged was titled Agent 077 in some countries.[3]

A 1968 Indian film was titled Golden Eyes Secret Agent 077.


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