Selçuk Öztürk

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Selçuk Öztürk

Selçuk Öztürk (born 8 April 1972 in Büyükkışla, Yozgat) is a Dutch politician of Turkish descent. He is a former member of the Labor Party (PvdA). Since 8 November 2012, he has been an MP. On 13 November 2014, Öztürk and Tunahan Kuzu left the Labor Party and have formed the Group Kuzu/Öztürk, later renamed Denk ("Think").[1]

Öztürk was also a member of the provincial parliament of the province of Limburg between 11 March 2011 and 1 December 2012, and a member of the municipal council of Roermond from 1998 until 2013.