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11th Saint Lucian gyvgtyg7t 097

Coat of arms or logo
Jeannine Michele Giraudy-McIntyre
Since 20 March 2018
Seats 11
Saint Lucia Senate.svg
Political groups
     United Workers Party (6)
     Saint Lucia Labour Party (3)
     Independent (2)
Appointment by the Governor-General
Coat of arms of Saint Lucia.svg
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Administrative divisions (Quarters)
Foreign relations

The Senate of Saint Lucia is the upper house of the Parliament of Saint Lucia. It has 11 appointed members.

The Government Senators are:[1]

  • Fortuna Belrose
  • Hermangild Francis
  • Mary Isaac[2]
  • Timothy Mangal[3]
  • Ubaldus Raymond

The Opposition Senators are:[1]

  • Guibion Ferdinand
  • Jerome Gedeon
  • Joachim Henry

Independent Senators are:[4]

  • Adrian Augier
  • Mauricia Thomas-Francis

The current president is Jeannine Michele Giraudy-McIntyre.[5]

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