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Seolleung Station
Station Platform (Line 2)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationSeolleung-yeok
General information
Location143-42 Samseong 2-dong,
340 Teherandaero Jiha,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul[1][2]
Operated bySeoul Metro, Korail
Line(s)     Line 2
     Bundang Line
Structure typeUnderground
Key dates
December 23, 1982[1]     Line 2 opened
September 3, 2003[1]     Bundang Line opened
Passengers(Daily) Based on Jan-Dec of 2012.
Line 2: 117,787[3]
Bundang Line: 15,715[3]

Seolleung Station is a Seoul Subway station that serves Line 2 and the Bundang Line. The station is named after the nearby Seonjeongneung, Joseon Dynasty royal tombs Seolleung (선릉, 宣陵) and Jeongneung (정릉, 靖陵).

On Line 2, the preceding and following stations are Yeoksam Station and Samseong Station. On the Bundang Line these are Seonjeongneung Station, which connects with Line 9, and Hanti Station.


In 2011, retailer Home plus opened the world's first virtual supermarket in the station, where smartphone users can photograph the bar codes of life-size pictures, on the walls and platform screen doors, of 500 items of food, toiletries, electronics etc., for delivery within the same day.[4][5]

Passenger load[edit]

In a survey conducted in 2011 by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs on 92 Administrative divisions across the country, it reported that Seolleung Station is the fourth-busiest public transit stop following Gangnam Station, Jamsil Station, Sadang Station; and followed by Sillim Station.[6]


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Coordinates: 37°30′16.02″N 127°2′56.35″E / 37.5044500°N 127.0489861°E / 37.5044500; 127.0489861