Seoul National University Hospital massacre

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Seoul National University Hospital massacre[1]
Seoul map.png
LocationSouth Korea
Date28 June 1950[1][2]
TargetMedical personnel, inpatients and wounded soldiers[1][2]
Attack type
Deaths700[3] to 900[1][2]
PerpetratorsKorean People's Army
Memorial of Seoul National University Hospital Massacre

The Seoul National University Hospital massacre (Korean: 서울대학교 부속병원 학살 사건 Hanja: 서울國立大學校附属病院虐殺事件) was a massacre committed by the North Korea's Korean People's Army on 28 June 1950 of 700 to 900 doctors, nurses, inpatient civilians and wounded soldiers at the Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul district of South Korea.[1][2][3] During the First Battle of Seoul, the KPA wiped out one platoon which guarded Seoul National University Hospital on 28 June 1950,[1][2] they massacred medical personnel, inpatients and wounded soldiers.[1][2] The Korean People's Army shot or buried the people alive;[1][2] the civilian victims alone numbered 900.[1][2] According to South Korean Ministry of National Defense, the victims included 100 wounded South Korean soldiers.[2]

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