Serbian Church in Arad

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St. Peter and St. Paul
Biserica sârbească.jpg
Biserica Sârbească
Basic information
LocationStrada Preparandiei, Arad, Romania
Geographic coordinates46°10′01″N 21°18′42″E / 46.166823°N 21.311583°E / 46.166823; 21.311583Coordinates: 46°10′01″N 21°18′42″E / 46.166823°N 21.311583°E / 46.166823; 21.311583
AffiliationSerbian Orthodox

The St. Peter and St. Paul's Serbian Orthodox Church (Serbian: Црква светих апостола Петра и Павла / Crkva svetih apostola Petra i Pavla), also known as the Serbian Church (Romanian: Biserica Sârbească), is an edifice located in the city of Arad, Romania. It was built between 1698 and 1702 and it is located in the Serbian square (Romanian: Piata Sârbească).

One of the oldest buildings in Arad, it was erected by the Serbian community of the city. It was an important presence because of the arrival of Habsburg armies in the area. After the treaty of Karlowitz the entirety of Transylvania became an Austrian province. Because the border with the Ottoman Empire was set on the Mureș River, in the area of Arad were posted guards, especially Serbians. As a consequence a church was built in the biggest city of the area, Arad. Artist Stefan Tenecki painted the icons of the iconostasis in the second half of the 18th century.

The building was financed by Captain Iovan.