Seventh Dynasty of Egypt

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The Seventh Dynasty of Egypt would mark the beginning of the First Intermediate Period in the early 22nd century BC. Almost nothing is known of this dynasty and Egyptologists often consider it fictitious.[1]

In the 3rd century BC, the Egyptian priest Manetho wrote Aegyptiaca, a now lost work on the history of Egypt, in which he coined the names of the first thirty Egyptian dynasties. He describes a period after the end of the Sixth Dynasty, in which 70 kings would have ruled over a period of 70 days, a period that he calls the Seventh Dynasty.

The Eighth Dynasty is not quite as obscure. Its kings are named in other sources, namely in the Abydos King List.


  1. ^ Wilkinson, Toby (2010). "Timeline". The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt. New York: Random House. p. xiii. ISBN 9781408810026. The system of dynasties devised in the third century B.C. is not without its problems—for example, the Seventh Dynasty is now recognized as being wholly spurious, while several dynasties are known to have ruled concurrently in different parts of Egypt... 
Preceded by
Sixth Dynasty
Dynasty of Egypt
c. 2181
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