Shaigal Aw Shiltan District

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Shaigal Aw Shiltan District (Pashto: شیگل ولسوالۍ‎) was split from Chapa Dara District in Kunar Province, Afghanistan and the population is 25,900 (2006).

Here living all Pashtun and the very pupal is Shinwary, they live very near the border with Pakistan the rawer said of Sholthan village, and the beg name of Shaigal Hezbe Islami is Kashmeir Khan, district is in Karbori village. Villages in Shaigal district are Shangurgul, Lahcya, Monyna, Hhalazo, Narat, Chaqare, etc. In Shaigal District 80% of males and 30% of females are educated; the Shaigal District tribes are Shanwary. A hundred years ago their grandfather came from Jalalabad and took this district by force from Mughal.