Shandong University of Technology

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Shandong University of Technology
Shandong University of Technology logo.png
Type Public
Established 1956
Academic staff
Students 35.000
Location Zibo, Shandong, China

The Shandong University of Technology (SDUT; simplified Chinese: 山东理工大学; traditional Chinese: 山東理工大學; pinyin: Shāndōng Lǐgōng Dàxué) is a university located in Zibo, Shandong, China. The university was founded in 1956 and has a focus on engineering sciences.


The school was founded as the Shandong Institute of Technology (山东工程学院) in June 1956. During the Cultural Revolution, it was one of only 13 undergraduate institutions of higher learning in Shandong, it expanded into a wider institution of polytechnic learning in 1990. Finally in 2001, it merged with several other colleges into a full university under its current name.


SDUT occupies two campuses, both located in the Zhangdian District of Zibo. Together, they cover an area of approximately 2.4 million square meters, with a building area of 1.3 million square meters. The campus features 268 lecture halls with multi-media facilities and 21 laboratories.

The headquarters for the Shandong Research Institute of Engineering and Technology is also located on the SDUT campus.


There are 32,200 full-time undergraduate students and 2,600 postgraduate students enrolled at SDUT. Undergraduate students can elect to study 21 different subjects spanning 9 categories: engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, history, pedagogy, and art.

Masters' students have the choice of 14 subjects for engineering, 5 subjects in agricultural extension, as well as the subjects for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Finance (MF).

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