Sheikhupura Fort

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Sheikhupura Fort
شیخوپورہ قلعہ
Sheikhupura, Punjab[1]
Qila sheikhupura01.jpg
Coordinates 31°42′N 73°59′E / 31.700°N 73.983°E / 31.700; 73.983
Height Average 11.5 m
Site information
Owner Department of Archaeology & Museums, Government of Pakistan
Site history
Built 1607 (1607)

Sheikhupura Fort (Urdu: شیخوپورہ قلعہ‎) is a Mughal-era fort built in 1607 near the city of Sheikhupura in Punjab, Pakistan. The fort was designed by Sikander Moeen and built during the reign of Emperor Jahangir. The fort was drastically altered during the Sikh-era, with numerous buildings constructed - some with equisite Sikh-era frescoes.

The fort is located near the Hiran Minar, built as a memorial for the pet antelope of Emperor Jahangir. The fort currently is not open to tourists as it is heavily damaged.[2]


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