Shekh Ali District

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Shekh Ali
Shekh Ali شیخ‌علی is located in Afghanistan
Shekh Ali شیخ‌علی
Shekh Ali
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°56′47″N 68°31′08″E / 34.9463°N 68.5188°E / 34.9463; 68.5188Coordinates: 34°56′47″N 68°31′08″E / 34.9463°N 68.5188°E / 34.9463; 68.5188
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceParwan Province
 • Ethnicities
Hazara people
 • Religions
Time zone+ 4.30

Sheikh Ali is a district in Parwan Province in Afghanistan which is inhabited with ethnic Hazaras. The Sheikh Ali Hazara tribe in Sheikh Ali district are: Daikalan, Naiman, Qarlugh, Karam Ali and Babur.

Sheikh Ali also has a small minority of Ismaili Hazara at the Bamiyan border of Shibar Pass.

The main villages of shekh ali are:[1]

  • Jarf, Kajak, Jaukool, Bed: Daikakalan People - Jarf is the hometown of a well known disability rights advocate and anti-disarmament campaigner Firoz Alizada, who leads campaign branch of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines in Geneva
  • Nerkh Naiman people
  • Nawi: the hometown of Sayed Hussein Anwari - the ex-minister of agriculture and ex-governor of Herat province. Nawi is the village Siad shii'it's.
  • Qarlugh
  • Karam Ali

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