Shibar District

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Shibar is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan[1]
Coordinates: 34°55′12″N 68°02′24″E / 34.92000°N 68.04000°E / 34.92000; 68.04000
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceBamyan Province
2,637 m (8,652 ft)
 • Total25,532

Shibar District (pop.: 25,532 in the year 2011)[2] is located in the western end of the Bamyan Province in Afghanistan. It is in a mountainous region; the main village Shibar is at 2,637 m altitude on the all-seasons secondary road from Bamyan to Kabul through the Shibar pass.


On August 2009, the asphalting of a 110-km road linking Jabal-us-Siraj district of central Parwan province to Shibar Pass began; the road was planned to be constructed in one year at the cost of $60 million which was provided by the US PRT.

Health and security[edit]

The district Health care is poor due to a lack of Health Care centers and poor transport. In July 2009, Agha Khan Development Network (AKDN) provided $4.9 million in Shibar district during the next 12 years to improve health services in the area.[citation needed]

The New Zealand PRT, operate in the district as well as most of Bamyan Province.[citation needed]

Hajigak Mine[edit]

The hajigak iron ore was discovered at Hajigak mining concession near Hajigak Pass in 1960; it is mainly located in this district, however the mine also extends well into the Hesa Awal Behsood District of Maidan Wardak Province; the mine is 550 meters in depth. In October 2011, several checkpoints were established and 1,700 security personal were deployed, leading to an improvement in security around the Hajigak iron-ore mine.[citation needed]

Indian govt plans[edit]

In May 2016, India, Iran and Afghanistan signed an agreement to develop two births at Port of Chabahar, build new Chabahar-Zahedan railway as part of North–South Transport Corridor by linking it with Trans-Iranian Railway, invest up to INR 1 lakh crore (US$14 billion) in the Chabahar Special Economic zone by building gas and urea plant as well as other industries, this will also be linked with Chabahar-Zaranj-Delaram-Hajigak railway: 900 km long Indian-Iranian project, would link future US$10 billion Indian iron-ore mining operations at Hajigak, Afghanistan to Chabahar, Iran, Published: Feb 2015.[3]

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