Shiceng Dashan

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Shiceng Dashan
Shiceng Dashan is located in Laos
Shiceng Dashan
Shiceng Dashan
Location on Laos–China-Vietnam border
Highest point
Elevation 1,830 m (6,000 ft)
Listing List of tripoints
Coordinates 22°23′59″N 102°08′38″E / 22.39972°N 102.14389°E / 22.39972; 102.14389Coordinates: 22°23′59″N 102°08′38″E / 22.39972°N 102.14389°E / 22.39972; 102.14389
Location China - LaosVietnam border
Parent range Annamite Range
First ascent Unknown

Shiceng Dashan (simplified Chinese: 十层大山; traditional Chinese: 十層大山; pinyin: Shícéng Dàshān) is a mountain at the junction of the borders of Laos, China and Vietnam.[1]

According to the news report, the three countries have a border dispute in which a pending agreement is on the table. There is a monolith at the top marking the tripoint spot.[2]

Its name means "ten layer big mountain".


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