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Shirley Bassey discography
Shirley Bassey Munster (1).JPG
Studio albums 37
Live albums 6
Compilation albums 21
EPs 19
Singles 105

This article presents the discography of Shirley Bassey.

Bassey's biggest selling solo albums are The Shirley Bassey Singles Album, peaking at #2 and earning a gold disc, and the limited edition double album, Shirley Bassey 25th Anniversary Album, a platinum record charting at #3 in 1978 (UK Albums Chart). Her Top 10 album Something is her biggest-selling studio album, remaining in the UK Albums Chart for five months. Bassey sang the title song for the #1 Billboard soundtrack of Goldfinger in 1964. Bassey has two #1 UK singles to her credit: "As I Love You" and the double A-sided, "Reach for the Stars" / "Climb Ev'ry Mountain", as well as a #1 on the dance chart; "History Repeating" in 1997. She reached the top spot on the Australian and South African charts with 1973's "Never, Never, Never", with the release of "The Living Tree" in 2007, she marked a 50 year span of appearances in the UK Singles Chart.

Although her only solo album to enter the Top 20 of a U.S. chart (R&B) is Live at Carnegie Hall, she has enjoyed five Top 10 singles on American charts over the decades: "Goldfinger" (Billboard Hot 100 Top 10); "Something"; "Never, Never, Never"; "History Repeating" and "Get the Party Started".[1][2][3][4][5]


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album title Label Peak positions UK certifications
US 200
1957 Born to Sing the Blues (10" LP) Philips
1959 The Bewitching Miss Bassey
The Fabulous Shirley Bassey EMI Columbia 12
1961 Shirley 9
Shirley Bassey 14
1962 Let's Face the Music
issued in the US as Shirley Bassey Sings The Hit Song From "Oliver!"
1965 Shirley Stops the Shows
issued in the US as Shirley Bassey Belts the Best!
1966 I've Got a Song for You
issued in the US as Shirley Means Bassey
United Artists 26
1967 And We Were Lovers
1968 12 of Those Songs EMI Columbia 38
This Is My Life United Artists
This Is My Life (La vita) (Italian release)
1969 Does Anybody Miss Me
1970 Something
issued in the US as Shirley Bassey Is Really "Something"
5 23 105 29
1971 Something Else 7 123
1972 I Capricorn 13 94
And I Love You So 24 171
1973 Never Never Never 10 60 34 Silver
1974 Nobody Does It Like Me 32 142
1975 Good, Bad but Beautiful 13 186 54 Silver
1976 Love, Life and Feelings 13 149 Silver
1977 You Take My Heart Away 34
1978 Yesterdays
1979 The Magic Is You 40 10
1982 All by Myself
issued in the UK and other some other countries as Love Songs
Applause 48
1984 I Am What I Am Towerbell 25 39 Gold
1989 La Mujer Mercury PolyGram
1991 Keep the Music Playing FreeStyle Dino 25
1992 The Bond Collection Icon Records
1993 Sings the Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber EMI MFP Premier 34
1995 Sings the Movies PolyGram TV 24 Gold
1996 The Show Must Go On PolyGram TV 47 Silver
2000 The Remix Album...Diamonds are Forever EMI 62 63
2003 Thank You for the Years Sony TV Citrus 19 Silver
2007 Get the Party Started Lock Stock and Barrel 6 Silver
2009 The Performance Geffen 20 81 Gold
2014 Hello Like Before RCA 24
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that territory.

Live albums[edit]

Year Album title Label Peak positions UK certifications
US 200
1965 Shirley Bassey at the Pigalle
issued in the US as In Person
EMI Columbia 15
1970 Live at Talk of the Town United Artists 38
1973 Live at Carnegie Hall 136 20
1974 Live in Japan (Japanese release)
1978 Live in Japan '77 (Japanese release)
1997 The Birthday Concert (Grammy Award nomination) Artful
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that territory.

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Album title UK
UK certifications
1968 Golden Hits of Shirley Bassey 28
1971 It's Magic 32
The Fabulous Shirley Bassey 48
1972 The Shirley Bassey Collection 37
1974 The Very Best of Shirley Bassey Silver
1975 The Shirley Bassey Singles Album 2 Gold
The Shirley Bassey Collection Volume II
1976 Shirley Bassey Silver
Thoughts of Love 15 Gold
1978 25th Anniversary Album 3 Platinum
1988 Singles Album Silver
1992 The Best of Shirley Bassey 27
1994 Bassey - The EMI/UA Years 1959 - 1979
1995 The Best of Silver
1996 20 of the Best Gold
Four Decades of Song
2000 The Greatest Hits - This Is My Life 54 Gold
2006 The Complete EMI/Columbia Singles Collection
2009 Burn My Candle - The Complete Early Years 1956-58
2013 Hold Me Tight[8]
2015 What Now My Love: 15 Greatest Hits
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that territory.

Other notable albums[edit]

Year Album title UK
UK certifications
1959 Show Boat
1971 Big Spender (reissue of And We Were Lovers) 27
What Now My Love (reissue of Let's Face The Music) 17
1993 10,000 Voices II
1999 Land of My Fathers (#1 UK compilation chart) Silver
2002 Party at the Palace
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that territory.


Year Title Label Album Peak positions
US 100

1956 "Burn My Candle" b/w "Stormy Weather" Philips The Bewitching Miss Bassey
"The Wayward Wind" b/w "Born to Sing the Blues" Non Album Track
"After the Lights Go Down Low" b/w "If You Don't Love Me" Non Album Track
1957 "The Banana Boat Song" b/w "Tra La La" The Bewitching Miss Bassey 8
"If I Had a Needle and Thread" b/w "Tonight My Heart She Is Crying" Non Album Track
"Fire Down Below" b/w "You, You Romeo" The Bewitching Miss Bassey 30
"You, You Romeo" (B-Side to "Fire Down Below") 29
"Puh-Leeze! Mister Brown" b/w "Take My Love, Take My Love" Non Album Track
1958 "Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss Me" b/w "There's Never Been A Night" The Bewitching Miss Bassey 3
1959 "As I Love You" b/w "Hands Across the Sea" 1
"Love for Sale" b/w "Crazy Rhythm"
"My Funny Valentine" b/w "How About You?"
"Night and Day" b/w "The Gypsy In My Soul"
"If You Love Me (Really Love Me)" b/w "Count On Me" Columbia Non Album Track 28
1960 "With These Hands" b/w "The Party's Over" Non Album Track 38
"The Birth of the Blues" b/w " Careless Love Blues" Philips Born to Sing the Blues
"As Long as He Needs Me" b/w "So in Love" Columbia Non Album Track 2
1961 "You'll Never Know" b/w "Hold me Tight" Non Album Track 6
"Reach for the Stars" b/w "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" (double A-Side) Non Album Track/Shirley Bassey 1 120
"I'll Get By" b/w "Who Are We?" Non Album Track 10
1962 "Tonight" b/w "Let's Start All Over Again" Non Album Track 21
"Ave Maria" b/w "You'll Never Walk Alone" Non Album Track 31
"Far Away" b/w "My Faith" Non Album Track 24
"What Now My Love?" b/w "Above All Others" Let's Face the Music 5
1963 "What Kind of Fool am I?" b/w "Till" Non Album Track 47
"I (Who Have Nothing)" b/w "How Can You Tell?" Non Album Track 6
"Puh-Leeze! Mister Brown" b/w "The Wayward Wind" (re-release) Philips Non Album Track
1964 "My Special Dream" b/w "You" Columbia Non Album Track 32
"Gone" b/w "Your Love" Non Album Track 36
"Who Can I Turn To?" b/w "To Be Loved By A Man" Non Album Track
"Goldfinger" b/w "Strange How Love Can Be" Goldfinger OST 21 8 2 5 8 2
"Now" b/w "How Can You Believe?" Non Album Track
1965 "No Regrets" b/w "Seesaw Of Dreams" Non Album Track 39
"It's Yourself" b/w "Secrets" Non Album Track 38
1966 "The Liquidator" b/w "Sunshine" The Liquidator OST
"Don't Take the Lovers from the World" b/w "Take Away" United Artists Non Album Track
"Shirley" b/w "Who Could Love Me" I've Got a Song for You
1967 "The Impossible Dream" b/w "Do I Look Like A Fool" And We Were Lovers
"If You Go Away" b/w "Give Him Your Love"
"Big Spender" b/w "Dangerous Games" 21
1968 "This is My Life" b/w "Without A Word" This Is My Life
"La Vita (This Is My Life)" b/w "Without A Word" (Italian release) This Is My Life (La vita) 34
"Domani, Domani" b/w "Pronto...sono io" (Italian release)
"To Give" b/w "Yes" (Italian release)
"To Give" b/w "My Love Has Two Faces" Non Album Track
"If You Go Away" (Alternative version) b/w "E'giorno" (Italian release) Non Album Track
1969 "Chi Si Vuol Bene Come Noi..." b/w "Epirops" (Italian release) Non Album Track 18
"Does Anybody Miss Me" b/w "Fa Fa Fa (Live For Today)" Does Anybody Miss Me
"Com'è Piccolo Il Mondo" b/w "Manchi solo tu" (Italian release) Non Album Track
"Concerto D'autunno" b/w "My Way Of Life" (Italian release) Non Album Track 56
"As I Love You" / "Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me" (re-release) Philips The Bewitching Miss Bassey
"Fa Fa Fa (Live For Today)" b/w "The Bus that Never Comes" (German release) United Artists Non Album Track
1970 "The Sea and Sand" b/w "What About Today" Something
"Something" b/w "Easy To Be Hard" 4 55 6 10 40
"Something" b/w "Ore che sei que" (Italian release)
1971 "The Fool on the Hill" b/w "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life" Non Album Track 48
"(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story" b/w "For The Love Of Him" Something Else 34
1972 "Diamonds are Forever" b/w "Pieces Of Dreams" Diamonds are Forever OST 38 57 14
"Una Cascata di Diamanti (Vivo Di Diamanti)" b/w "Diamonds are Forever" (Italian release)
"For All We Know" b/w "What's Done Is Done" I Capricorn 6
"I've Never Been a Woman Before" b/w "The Greatest Performance Of My Life"
"And I Love You So" b/w "I Don't Know How To Love Him" And I Love You So
"The Ballad of the Sad Young Men" b/w "If I Should Find Love Again"
1973 "Jezahel" b/w "Day by Day" (German release)
"Never, Never, Never" b/w "Day by Day" (#67 US R&B) Never Never Never 8 48 8 13 48
"Make the World a Little Younger" b/w "The Old Fashioned Way"
1974 "When You Smile" b/w "The Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye" Nobody Does It Like Me
"Davy" b/w "The Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye" 44
"Yesterday When I Was Young" (live) b/w "Goldfinger" (live) (Japanese release) Live In Japan
1975 "Good, Bad, but Beautiful" b/w "I'm Nothing Without You" Good, Bad but Beautiful
"Living" b/w "Everything That Touches You"
1976 "Natali" b/w "Runaway" Love, Life and Feelings
"Can't Take My Eyes off You" b/w "Born To Lose" Non Album Track
1977 "I Let You Let Me Down Again" b/w "Razzle Dazzle" You Take My Heart Away
"You Take My Heart Away" b/w "I Let You Let Me Down Again"
1979 "This is My Life (La Vita)" (re-recording) b/w "The Magic Is You" ("Copacabana (At The Copa)" (US release)) The Magic Is You 5
"Moonraker (Main Title)" b/w "Moonraker (End Title)" Moonraker OST
1980 "I (Who Have Nothing)" b/w "Goldfinger" (reissue) EMI Columbia Non Album Track
1982 "All By Myself" b/w "Only When I Laugh" Applause Records All By Myself
1983 "Thought I'd Ring You" (with Alain Delon) b/w "Memory" Polydor Records Non Album Track 13
1984 "Remember" (with Al Corley) b/w "Thought I'd Ring You" (with Al Corley) (re-recording) Non Album Track
"That's Right (Love Is No Game)" b/w "Memory" Non Album Track
"Sometimes" b/w "He Needs Me" Towerbell Records Non Album Track 86
"Natali" (re-recording) b/w "As I Love You" (re-recording) I Am What I Am
"I Am What I Am" b/w "This Is My Life" (re-recording)
"If You Don't Understand" b/w ""To All The Men I've Loved Before"
1986 "To All the Men I've Loved Before" b/w "I Am What I Am" 86
"There's No Place Like London" b/w "Born to Sing Forever" Non Album Track
1987 "The Rhythm Divine" (Yello featuring Shirley Bassey) Mercury Records One Second 54 24 47
1988 "Love Is No Game" b/w "Memory" Indisc Non Album Track
"Sin Ti" b/w "Hoy No Tengo Nada" Mercury Records La Mujer
1990 "How Do You Keep the Music Playing" b/w "The Greatest Love of All" FreeStyle Keep the Music Playing
1996 "He Kills Everything You Love" PolyGramTV The Show Must Go On
"'Disco' La Passione" (with Chris Rea) East West Records La Passione 41 21
1997 "History Repeating" (Propellerheads featuring Shirley Bassey) (#1 UK Dance, #10 US Dance) Wall of Sound Decksandrumsandrockandroll 19 52 65 8
1999 "Light My Fire" (Shirley Bassey meets Booster) Bluenote, EMI Non Album Track
"World in Union" (duet with Bryn Terfel) Decca Records Land of My Fathers 35
2000 "Where Do I Begin" (Away Team remix) Liberty, EMI The Remix Album...Diamonds are Forever 100 51
2002 "You Can Have Him" (remix) (DJ Guy Gerber featuring Shirley Bassey) Whoop! Records Non Album Track
2005 "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" (Kanye West featuring [an uncredited] Shirley Bassey) Roc-A-Fella Records Late Registration 8 43 56 67
"That's What Friends Are For" (remix) ZYX Records Golden Disco-Hits 2
2007 "The Living Tree" Lock Stock & Barrel Get the Party Started 37
"Get the Party Started" (#3 US Dance) 47
"Big Spender" (remix)
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that territory.


Year EP
1957 Shirley Bassey at the Cafe de Paris (Live recording)
1958 As I Love You
Blues by Bassey
Love for Sale
1959 The Fabulous Shirley Bassey
The Fabulous Shirley Bassey No.2
Showboat-Excerpts No.2
1960 As Long as He Needs Me
1961 Shirley Bassey
Shirley Bassey No.2
Shirley No.3
1962 Let's Face the Music
Shirley's Most Requested Songs
Till and Other Great Songs
1963 The Hits of Shirley Bassey
In Other Words...
1964 I (Who Have Nothing)
The Dynamic Shirley Bassey

Original soundtrack recordings[edit]

Year Song Movie
1964 "Goldfinger" Goldfinger
1965 "The Liquidator" The Liquidator
"The Liquidator" (alternative version)
"My Liquidator"
1968 "My Love has Two Faces" Deadfall
1971 "Diamonds are Forever" Diamonds are Forever
"Una Cascata di Diamanti" (Italian release only)
1979 "Moonraker" Moonraker
"Moonraker" (End Title)
1996 "'Disco' La Passione" La Passione
"Shirley, Do You Own a Ferrari?" (duet with Chris Rea)
2012 "Guardian of the Highlands" Sir Billi


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