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Shoegazing is a subgenre of indie and alternative rock that emerged in the United Kingdom in the late 1980s. It is characterized by its ethereal-sounding mixture of obscured vocals, guitar distortion and effects and overwhelming volume; the term shoegazing was coined by the British music press to describe the stage presence of a wave of neo-psychedelic groups who stood still during live performances in a detached, non-confrontational state with their heads down. This was because the heavy use of effects pedals meant the performers were looking down at the readouts on their pedals during concerts. Wall-of-sound production was commonplace, some shoegazing artists drew from the glide guitar template set by My Bloody Valentine on their early EPs and album Isn't Anything from the late 1980s. A loose label given to the shoegazing bands and other affiliated bands in London in the early 1990s was The Scene That Celebrates Itself. In the early 1990s, shoegazing groups were pushed aside by the American grunge movement and early Britpop acts such as Suede, forcing the unknown bands to break up or reinvent their style altogether.

In the 2000s, there was renewed interest in the genre among "Nu gaze" bands. Shoegazing combines ethereal, swirling vocals with layers of distorted, flanged guitars, creating a wash of sound where no instrument is distinguishable from another. According to Allmusic, most bands drew from the music of My Bloody Valentine as a template for the genre; the band's co-founder Kevin Shields stated that the band's choice of pedals never included chorus, flanger or delay effects. His most notable effect was reverse digital reverb, sourced from a Yamaha SPX90 effects unit. Together with the vibrato manipulation and distortion, he created a technique known as "glide guitar". Shields used at least 30 effects pedals, most of which were distortion, graphic equalizers, tone controls; the term originated in a concert review in Sounds for the newly formed band Moose in which singer Russell Yates read lyrics taped to the floor throughout the gig. The term was picked up by NME, who used it as a reference to the tendency of the bands' guitarists to stare at their feet—or their effects pedals—while playing deep in concentration.

Melody Maker preferred calling it "The Scene That Celebrates Itself", referring to the habit that the bands had of attending gigs of other shoegazing bands in Camden, playing in each other's bands. According to AllMusic: "The shatteringly loud, droning neo-psychedelia the band performed was dubbed shoegaze by the British press because the band members stared at the stage while they performed". According to some, the term was used to describe dream pop bands. Slowdive's Simon Scott found the term relevant: I always thought Robert Smith, when he was in Siouxsie and the Banshees playing guitar, was the coolest as he just stood there and let the music flood out; that anti showmanship was perfect so I never understood why people began to use "shoegaze" as a negative term. I think if Slowdive didn't stand there looking at what pedal was about to go on and off we'd have been shite. I am glad we were concentrated on playing well. Now it is a positive term; the term was considered pejorative by a part of the English weekly music press who considered the movement as ineffectual, it was disliked by many of the groups it purported to describe.

Lush's singer Miki Berenyi explained: "Shoegazing was a slag-off term. My partner, the guitarist in Moose, claims that it was leveled at his band; the journo was referring to the bank of effects pedals he had strewn across the stage that he had to keep staring at in order to operate. And it just became a generic term for all those bands that had a big, effects-laden sound, but all stood resolutely still on stage". Ride's singer Mark Gardener had another take on his group's static presentation: "We didn't want to use the stage as a platform for ego... We presented ourselves as normal people, as a band who wanted their fans to think they could do that too." The most cited precursors to shoegaze are the Cocteau Twins, the Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, although My Bloody Valentine's Loveless is referred to as the greatest album the genre has produced. Each band's music bridged the styles of garage rock, 1960s psychedelia and American indie bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth. Other artists that have been identified as direct influences on shoegaze include the Velvet Underground, Hüsker Dü, the Cure.

Siouxsie and the Banshees was a major influence on Cocteau Twins. Slowdive named themselves after a Siouxsie and the Banshees song of the same name and took inspiration from the group at their beginnings. Lush, a shoegaze contemporary, were called "The Baby Machines", a line from a Siouxsie lyric. My Bloody Valentine emerged in the wake of their 1988 breakthrough; the Trouser Press Guide to'90s Rock mentions that "A. R. Kane, the London duo... exerted a profound sonic influence on the legion of trippy shoegazer guitar bands that would emerge a few years in the UK". Michael Azerrad's book Our Band Could Be Your Life cited an early 1990s Dinosaur Jr. tour of the United Kingdom as a key influence. Whereas contemporary alternative rock movements of the time period were male-dominated, My Bloody Valentine, Lush, the Cocteau Twins, many other popular shoegaze acts had at least one prominent female musician who contributed key vocal elements and/or integral w

1990–91 Isthmian League

The 1990–91 season was the 76th season of the Isthmian League, an English football competition featuring semi-professional and amateur clubs from London and South East England. League consisted of three divisions; the Second Division was divided into two sections. At the end of the season Division Two North and Division Two South were merged into single Division Two and Division Three was formed; the Premier Division consisted of 22 clubs, including 19 clubs from the previous season and three new clubs: Enfield, relegated from the Football Conference Wivenhoe Town, promoted as champions of Division One Woking, promoted as runners-up in Division One Division One consisted of 22 clubs, including 16 clubs from the previous season and six new clubs: Two clubs relegated from the Premier Division: Bromley Dulwich HamletFour clubs promoted from Division Two North: Aveley Heybridge SwiftsFour clubs promoted from Division Two South: Molesey Yeading Division Two North consisted of 22 clubs, including 19 clubs from the previous season and three new clubs: Kingsbury Town, relegated from Division One Purfleet, relegated from Division One Edgware Town, joined from the Spartan LeagueAt the end of the season Division Two North and Division Two South were merged into single Division Two and Division Three was formed.

Finchley merged with Wingate to form Wingate & Finchley who took Wingate's place in the Premier Division of the South Midlands League, while Basildon United resigned to the Essex Senior League. Division Two South consisted of 22 clubs, including 19 clubs from the previous season and three new clubs: Cove, joined from the Combined Counties League Hampton, relegated from Division One Leatherhead, relegated from Division OneAt the end of the season Division Two North and Division Two South were merged into single Division Two and Division Three was formed. Before the next season started Feltham merged with the Hellenic League side Hounslow to create Feltham & Hounslow F. C. Isthmian League 1990–91 Northern Premier League 1990–91 Southern Football League

The Sea (2000 film)

The Sea is a 2000 Spanish film directed by Agustí Villaronga, starring Roger Casamayor. It is based on a novel by Blai Bonet; the plot, set in Mallorca, follows the fates of three childhood friends traumatized by the violence they witnessed during the Spanish Civil War. Ten years they are reunited as young adults in a sanatorium for TB patients; the film won the Manfred Salzgeber Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. In the summer of 1936, the violence of the Spanish Civil war reaches a small village in Mallorca. Four children: Andreu Ramallo, Manuel Tur, Pau Inglada and a girl, are witness to the execution of leftists at the hands of pro-Franco villagers. In a desperate act of revenge, whose father has been killed the previous day by the lead executioner, plans to avenge his father's murder torturing Julià Ballester, the son of his father's killer, his idea is to force the boy to drink castor oil. However, things go wrong when Pau becomes enraged, he brutally kills Julià by bashing his head against a rock and stabbing him in the throat.

Unable to deal with what he has just done, Pau commits suicide jumping inside a hole on a cave. The remaining children: Andreu and Francisa are witnesses to these tragic events. Over a decade Ramallo, now a cocky young man, is sent to a tuberculosis sanatorium on Mallorca to recuperate from the initial stages of the disease. Ramallo, like all the tubercular and lung diseased patients, has to live in a large room, dormitory style. However, as a patient's health dwindles and they are expected to die, they are sent to a private room numbered 13 for their final days. Ramallo with his boastfulness and stories of sexual prowess attracts the admiration of the other patients from Galindo, the youngest of the group. Ramallo is shocked to find that Manuel Tur, his childhood friend, is a patient. A pale and drawn man, Manuel has found solace to his health predicament in religion. More shocking is the sight of the beautiful Francisca, now a selfless nun, nursing the sick at the hospital. Alcantara, the brutal caretaker and Carmen, his unhappy wife, run the place.

Shortly after his arrival, Ramallo receives the unwanted visit of Don Eugeni Morell, his former boss, in smuggling contraband. The well-to-do middle age Morel, has sexually exploited him for long time. Morell's visit makes Ramallo furious and from on, he tries to disassociate himself from the crime lord; as a reminder than he can count only on himself, Ramallo gets his own name tattooed on his chest by Alcántara, the hospital's maintenance guy. In the clinic, Manuel has a pet cat. In a fit of anger Ramallo kicks the cat to death. Manuel gives the dying animal back to Ramallo to put it out of its misery, they reconcile remembering their childhood friendship. Ramallo wants to get rid of Morell for good, but his first attempt to steal some money from the church of the sanatorium fails when he is discovered by Francisca; as a child, Francisca had a crush on Ramallo and now she is glad to see him again, but she assures him that she is happy in her life as a nun. Ramallo starts scheming to hijack smuggling goods from Morell.

He recruits Manuel in helping him to steal the keys of Alcántara's car in order to go to the nearby port. In the middle of this dealing, Galindo's death affects Ramallo deeply. Carmen seduces him. At first, Manuel tries to resist the temptation because she is a married woman, but she assures him that she is unhappy in her marriage and only feels disgust for her husband, they have sex, but when Manuel finds out that she came to visit him on Ramallo's suggestion, he tells her to leave him alone. Manuel angrily confronts Ramallo accusing him of being jealous of his purity. Ramallo leaves him silent telling him. In fact, attracted to his friend, Manuel steals Ramallo's clothes but, in his morbid religious fervor, fights his desires that he believes are diabolical. Manuel's sexual panic turns into self-inflicted stigmata. Francisca accidentally discovers Ramallo's schemes but does not turn him in, instead she travels with Manuel to the cave in which Pau committed suicide in order to recover from it the items Ramallo stole from Morell.

Ramallo escapes the sanatorium and returns to Morell's home. When Morell tells him that Manuel betrayed him, giving away the location of his purloined goods, Ramallo murders Morell with an axe. Ramallo returns to the sanatorium to take revenge on Manuel. Manuel tells Ramallo that he loves him and that he gave the goods to Morell to fight his attraction for him. Ramallo begins to rape him, claiming that the pleasure will get Manuel torture for the rest of his life. Manuel plunges a knife into Ramallo's throat before slitting his own wrist. Francisca removes her nun's coif. Roger Casamajor - Ramallo Bruno Bergonzini - Manuel Antònia Torrens - Sister Francisca Hernán González - Galindo Juli Mira - Don Eugeni Morell Simón Andreu - Alcántara Ángela Molina - Carmen David Lozano - Manuel Tur Nilo Mur - Andreu Ramallo Tony Miquel Vanrell - Paul Inglada Victoria Verger - Francisca Sergi Moreno - Julià Ballester El mar is available on DVD, it was released in the United States on December 14, 2004, in Catalan with English and Spanish subtitles available.

El Mar on IMDb El Mar at AllMovie El Mar at Rotten Tomatoes

World Institute of Pain

The World Institute of Pain was founded in 1993 by Phulchand Prithvi Raj, Serdar Erdine, Ricardo Ruiz Lopez, Gabor B. Racz, all of whom are lifetime Council Members and lifetime Executive Board Members; the organizational meeting was held in Los Angeles, California in 1994. WIP is an international membership organization, established to educate and train personnel of member pain centers by sponsoring symposiums and world congresses that focus on pain management interventional techniques. In 2001, WIP began its Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice Board of Examination, a physician certification program that requires both a theoretical and practical examination. There are certain requirements for pain physicians to qualify for an FIPP certification including American Board of Medical Specialties certification or equivalent, a mandatory subspecialty certification for candidates on either the American Board of Anesthesiology/Pain Management, or American Board of Pain Medicine, clinical experience in addition to other requirements.

As of the end of 2018, there are 1,125 pain physicians around the world who have obtained the FIPP designation. Certified Interventional Ultrasound Sonographer is a qualification issued by the World Institute of Pain to pain physicians around the world to recognize his/her skills in using ultrasound for interventional pain management procedures; the CIPS is awarded after successful completion of the CIPS Examination administered by WIP. As of the end of 2018, there are 113 pain physicians; the official scientific journal of the WIP is Pain Practice, established in 2001, which publishes information for pain management. In 2015, the journal had an impact factor of 2.361, ranking 13th out of 30 in the category'Anesthesiology', 93rd out of 192 in the category'Clinical Neurology'. In addition to Pain Practice, it publishes a quarterly magazine, Pain Pathways, aimed towards patients and their caregivers, as well as the World Institute of Pain Newsletter; the 1st WIP World Congress was held in Eilat, Israel in 1998, was chaired by David Niv, Professor of Medicine at the University of Tel Aviv.

Other World Congresses followed in 2004, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014 which were held in Turkey, Hungary, twice in the United States, in The Netherlands. The 8th Congress is to be held in New York City on 20–23 May 2016. In addition to the customary social activities and displays at such events, the World Congress provides hands-on educational activities using cadavers. 2000–2500 physicians attend. WIP created the Excellence in Pain Practice Award in 2010, to "promote the highest standards of pain practice around the world"; the award is given to organizations and health centers. As of February 2016, there have been 7 recipients in the category "Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Pain Practice" 2 recipients in the category "Clinical Pain Practice" 2 recipients in the category "Clinical Pain Practice Specializing in Musculoskeletal Pain Syndromes" 13 recipients in the category "Multidisciplinary Clinical Pain Practice" Official website PainPathways website 2016 WIP World Congress website

2014 Ghana Movie Awards

The 2014 Ghana Movie Awards were held at the Accra International Conference Center on 30 December 2014. Actor in a Leading RoleJohn Dumelo – Love or Something Like That James Gardiner, Eddie Watson, Elikem Kumordzie – Bachelors Adjetey AnangDevil in the Detail Majid MichelFamily Album Kwadjo Nkansah – Made in AgegeActress in a Leading RoleJoselyn Dumas – Love or Something Like That Jackie Appiah – Sisters at War Kafui Danku – Devil in a Dress Ama K. Abrebese – Double-Cross Yvonne Nelson – BachelorsActor in a Supporting RoleMikki Osei Berko – Potomanto Edward Kuffour – When Love Comes Around Kwaku Manu – Last Word Kofi Adjorlolo – Family Album Chris Attoh – Single Married & ComplicatedActress in a Supporting RoleSonia Ibrahim – Shattered Romance Marie Humbert – Potomanto Nana Ama McBrown – Bachelors Kasum Sinari – Family Album Rose Mensah – OdoBest Actor African CollaborationOlu Jacobs – Potomanto Okechukwu Ukeje – Love or Something like that Jim Iyke – When Love Comes Around Alexx Ekubo – Single and Complicated Uti Nwachukwu – Devil in a DressBest Actress African CollaborationNse Ikpe Etim – Devil in the Detail Eku Edewor – When Love Comes Around Pierra Makena – When Love Comes Around Maria Nepembe – Why Should I Get Married Rukky Sanda – If You were MineDirectingLove or Something Like That – Shirley Frimpong-Manso Sisters at War – Frank Rajah Arase Double-Cross – Pascal Aka Shattered Romance – Eddie Nartey Single and Complicated – Pascal AmanfoEditingLove or Something Like That – Shirley Frimpong-Manso Single Married and Complicated – Okey Benso Double-Cross – Pascal Aka Family Album – Afla MarleyCinematographyDouble-Cross – Pascal Aka and Prince Dovlo When Love Comes Around – Muyiwa Aluko Potomanto – Ken Attoh Single Married and Complicated – Tunde Adekoyi Why Should I Get Married – Lex MccarthyBest Wardrobe and CostumeFamily Album – Samira Yakubu Made in Agege – Bernard Adusie & Kenneth Yeboah Single Married & Complicated – Clara Ashantiwaa If You Were Mine – Adwoa Asankwa Love or Something Like That – Ofelia Crossland & Duaba SerwaMake-Up & Hair StylingLove or Something Like That – Selina Asante Double-Cross – Nana Ama Atsu Had I Know – Jude Odoi Bachelors – Lydia Ashitey Made in Agege – Faith EvansMusic – Original ScoreSingle Married & Complicated – Berni Anti Sister at War – Okyeame Kofi Why Should I Get Married – DJ Breezy If You Were Mine – Seshi Dotse Love or Something Like That – Ivan Ayitey & Kofi Boachie – AnsahMusic - Original SongWhy did I Get Married – Desmond Blackmore & Jane Awindor Single, Married & Complicated – Berni Anti Sisters at War – Okyeame Kofi Made in Agege – Ralph kakariBest Writing – Original or Adapted ScreenplayLove or Something Like That – Shirley Frimpong-Manso Single, Married & Complicated – Pascal Amanfo Shattered Romance – Eddie Nartey Bachelors – Maxwell Akwesi Amuni When Love Comes Around – Zynnell Zuh & David AmahBest Production DesignFamily Album – Production Design – Pascal Amanfo.

J Vegas Last Word – Production Design - Abeam Danso. R Kuffour & Ama K. Abebrese When Love Comes Around – Zynnell Zuh Family Album – Hajia Hawa Meizongo If You Were Mine – Kobi Bartels Short MovieKing Agokoli Ebola Missing Mother Ghana Police The Adventures kalybosTV SeriesHigh School Abrabo Efiewura Yellow Café Afia Schwarzenegger TV Series ActressJasmine Baroudi – Heart Break Hotel Gloria Sarfo – Living with Trisha Maame BoatengChorkor Trotro Ahoefe Patricia – Boys Kasa Victoria Michael – Office palava Valentina Nana AgyeiwaaTV Series ActorDerrick Kobina Boateng – High School Kojo Nkwansah – Abrabo Kwame Djokoto – Efiewura Prince Yawson – Chorkor Trotro David Oscar – Peep Favorite ActorMajid Michel Prince David Osei John Dumelo Van Vicker Kojo Nkwansah Kwaku Manu Akwasi Boadi James Gardiner Kofi Adu Richard Ashanti Favorite ActressYvonne Nelson Jackie Appiah Nadia Buari Yvonne Okoro Maame Serwaa Rose Mensah Nana Ama McBrown Juliet Ibrahim Emelia Brobbey Rosely Ngissah

What Did He Say?

What Did He Say? is the second solo album released by bassist Victor Wooten. 1. "Yo Victa" – 0:07 2. "What Did He Say?" – 3:20 Victor Wooten - Bass and background vocals JD Blair - Drums, Background vocals Cherokee - Background vocals3. "What You Won't Do for Love" – 4:43 Victor Wooten - Bass JD Blair - Drums4. "Cherokee" – 1:49 Victor Wooten - Bass James Genus - Acoustic Bass Raymond Massey - Drums Futch - Swinging ride cymbal Regi Wooten - Guitar Joseph Wooten - Piano Rudy Wooten - Alto Sax Jeff Coffin - Tenor Sax Rod McGaha - Trumpet Cherokee - Vocals5. "Don't Wanna Cry" – 5:07 Victor Wooten - Bass, Music Programming Ann McCrary & Robert Bailey - Background Vocals6. "The Lonliest Monk" – 4:36 Victor Wooten - Bass, Percussion, Piano JD Blair - Drums7. "A Chance" – 2:54 Victor Wooten - Bass JD Blair - Drums, Drum programming, Bass8. "Radio W-OO-10" – 1:06 Michael Kott & Matt Smith - Vocals9. "Norwegian Wood" – 4:52 Victor Wooten - Bass10. "Bro John" – 4:18 Pete Wooten - Lead Vocals Victor Wooten - Bass, Background Vocals and Claps JD Blair - Drums and Claps Holly Wooten and Kurt storey - Stomps and Claps11.

"Naima" – 5:57 Oteil Burbridge - Electric bass Regi Wooten - Nylon String Guitar JD Blair - Drums Jim Roberts - Percussion Victor Wooten - Acoustic Bass12. "Sometimes I Laugh" – 3:20 Victor Wooten - Bass Laughter provided by Jessie and Justice Wooten, Willow Robillard and Derek Weiman, David Shea, Josh Bartley and Ben Curtis and Elii Morse, Sophie Bell, Baylane Hayens, Holly Wooten13. "My Life" – 4:45 Victor Wooten - Bass, Guitar and Background vocals JD Blair - Drums, Background vocals Kurt Storey - Background vocals14. "The Sojourn of Arjuna" – 6:29 15. "Buzz Ntro" – 0:31 16. "A Little Buzz" – 2:46 17. "Kids Didn't Change" – 0:54 18. "Heaven Is Where the Heart Is" – 5:03 Aashid – Vocals J. D. Blair – Drums Future Man – Vocals, Voices Michael Kott – Vocals, Voices Park Law – Vocals Will Lee – Vocals Malcolm X – Vocals, Voices Dorothy G. Wooten – Vocals, Voices Elijah "Pete" Wooten – Vocals, Voices Joe Wooten – Vocals Victor Wooten – Bass, Vocals, Producer, Liner Notes, Tenor Bass David Bennett – Management Steve Lowery – Illustrations, Drawing Mark Mandelbaum – Engineer Chris Milfred – Mastering Griffin Norman – Design Keith Odle – Mixing Kurt Storey – Vocals, Mastering, Mixing Mark Tucker – Photography