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Official seal of Shorapani
Shorapani is located in Georgia
Location of the town of Shorapani in Georgia
Shorapani is located in Imereti
Shorapani (Imereti)
Coordinates: 42°06′N 43°07′E / 42.100°N 43.117°E / 42.100; 43.117
Country  Georgia
Mkhare Imereti
District Zestafoni District
Time zone UTC+4 (Georgian Standard Time)
Climate Cfa

Shorapani (Georgian: შორაპანი) is a small Georgian town, situated in the Zestafoni District, part of the region of Imereti. Founded in the 3rd century BC, it served as a residence of the eristavi (dukes) of Argveti (also known as the Duchy of Shorapani) in the Antiquity and the early Middle Ages.

Near the town are the ruins of a fortress, mentioned as Sarapana by Strabo and Sarapanis by Procopius as a strong position on the road that led from Colchis to Iberia.

Detail from a map of Rigobert Bonne, published in Geneve in 1780. The detail shows Shorapani (Serapana), Georgia


Shorapani (Sarapanis) is the toponymy, that is mentioned in old Greek mythology. That was Sarapanis that Jason and his Argonaut friends approached during their travel in old Colchis (Kolkhida).

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Coordinates: 42°06′N 43°07′E / 42.100°N 43.117°E / 42.100; 43.117