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Show Me Shorts is New Zealand's leading international short film festival. It screens a selection of short films from New Zealand and around the world in cinemas nationwide each Spring.

Show Me Shorts is a charitable (not-for-profit) organisataion that has three aims:

1. To connect New Zealanders with the best short films from around the world

2. To celebrate excellence in short film making

3. To foster the New Zealand short film community

Each year approximately 50 top short films are selected and contend for awards. Both international and New Zealand films are eligible, the festival awards are then presented to the top filmmakers at the opening night and awards ceremony in Auckland.

Show Me Shorts is New Zealand’s first Academy Awards®-accredited festival, with the Best Film and Best International Film award winners becoming eligible for nomination for the Oscars®.

The programme covers a diverse range of themes and subjects including documentary, sci-fi, horror, drama, animation and comedy. Judges from the local film industry decide the winners of the awards.

As of 2014, Show Me Shorts Film Festival also accepts music videos as part of a new New Zealand music video competitive category.

There are a number of supporting events such as a lab for screenwriters and filmmaker talks for aspiring filmmakers that run as part of the festival.


Show Me Shorts Film Festival Trust is a registered charitable trust founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 2006 by Gina Dellabarca, Tamara Liebman, Katrin Hagen and Kate Nicholson.

The first screenings took place at Auckland's Academy Cinema in November, 2006, the following year the festival expanded to a full week in Auckland, plus screenings in Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Every year since then, more locations and venues have been added to the circuit. There are now over 20 regular venues across New Zealand.

In 2013 Show Me Shorts gained Academy Awards-accreditation for their Best International Film Award, this milestone recognised the quality of the programming, and allowed the festival to provide a pathway to the Oscars for filmmakers. In 2016 the festival additionally acquired Academy Awards-accreditation for their Best International Film Award.

In 2014 the Opening Night and Awards Ceremony took place at the iconic picture palace, The Civic, in Auckland, this venue has since become a fixture for the festival.

Award Winners 2016[edit]

Category Winner (film / person or team)
Lightbox Best Film Georgiana Plaister & Ned Wenlock for 'Spring Jam'
Best International Film Tim Ellrich for 'Die Badewanne' (The Bathtub)
DEGNZ Best Director Ned Wenlock for 'Spring Jam'
StarNow Best Actor Katlyn Wong in 'Wait'
Final Draft Best Screenplay Hugh Calveley for 'Cradle'
Panavision Best Cinematographer Simon Baumfield for 'Feeder'
DEGNZ Best Editor Bryan Shaw for 'Shout at the Ground'
NZFC Special Jury Prize Yamin Tun for 'Wait'
Best Music Video THUNDERLIPS & Candlelit Pictures for 'Breath - Sheep, Dog & Wolf'
People's Choice

Award Winners 2015[edit]

Category Winner (film / person or team)
Lightbox Best Film Alyx Duncan for 'The Tide Keeper'
Best International Film Jonathan Stein for 'Out of the Village'
DEGNZ Best Director Alyx Duncan for 'The Tide Keeper'
StarNow Best Actor Tina Cleary in 'Cub'
Final Draft Best Screenplay Ryan Heron & Guy Montgomery for 'Return'
Panavision Best Cinematographer Chris Pryor & Ben Montgomery for 'The Tide Keeper'
DEGNZ Best Editor James Cunningham for 'Accidents, Blunders & Calamities'
NZFC Special Jury Prize Mhairead Connor for 'UFO'
Best Music Video THUNDERLIPS for 'The Eversons - Emily'
Best Student Film Kyan Krumdieck & Annabelle Dick for 'The Grind'
People's Choice James Cunningham & Oliver Hilbert for 'Accidents, Blunders & Calamities'

Award Winners 2014[edit]

Category Winner (film / person or team)
Show Me Shorts Best Film Julia Parnell and Matthew Saville for 'Dive'
Best International Film Marcel Barelli for 'Vigia (Lookout)'
DEGNZ Best Director Hamish Bennett for ‘Ross & Beth'
StarNow Best Actor Jackie van Beek in ‘Uphill’
Final Draft Best Screenplay Matthew Saville for 'Dive'
Panavision Best Cinematographer Ginny Loane for ‘Helmut Makes a Quilt’
Best Editor Annie Collins for ‘Eleven’
NZFC Special Jury Prize Paul Neason and Steffen Kreft for 'Queenie'
Best Music Video Alix Whittaker and THUNDERLIPS for 'Glare' by Sheep, Dog & Wolf
Student Film, Notable Mention Yarden Elyashiv for 'Bars and Tone'
Wendy's People's Choice Award Charlie Bleakley and Cohen Holloway for 'Coconut'.

Award Winners 2013[edit]

Category Winner (film / person or team)
Rush Munro's Best Film Matt Heath, Anna Geddes, Cass Donaldson and Joe Lonie for 'Honk If You’re Horny'
Panavision Best Cinematographer John Chrisstoffels for 'Here Be Monsters'
Mexicali Fresh Best Student Film Walter Lawry for ‘Blind Mice
StarNow Best Actor Andy Anderson for his role in ‘Honk If You're Horny’
Script to Screen & NZ Writers Guild Best Screen Play Nic Gorman for 'Here Be Monsters'
SDGNZ Best Director Joe Lonie for ‘Honk If Your Horny’
SDGNZ Best Editor Thomas Gleeson for ‘Home’
NZFC Special Jury Prize Thomas Gleeson for 'Home'
Best International Film Michael Rittmannsberger and Simon Baumgartner, Abgestempelt (Punched)
RPM Best Colourist Jon Newell, Chris Rudkin and Erin Woolhouse for 'Here Be Monsters'
People's Choice Award Ben Woollen and Scott Granville for 'Serve and Protect'

Award Winners 2012[edit]

Category Winner (film / person or team)
Show Me Shorts Best Film Matt Noonan & Chelsea Winstanley for ‘Night Shift
Panavision Best Cinematographer Ari Wegner for ‘Night Shift'
Best Student Film Lauren Eisinger & Katherine France for ‘Kia Kaha’
StarNow Best Actor Anapela Polataivao for her role in ‘Night Shift’
Script to Screen Best Screen Play Zia Mandviwalla for ‘Night Shift’
SDGNZ Best Director Sam Kelly for ‘Lambs’
SDGNZ Best Editor Jeff Hurrell for ‘Lambs’
Special Jury Prize Richard Mans’ technical accomplishment for ‘Abiogenesis’.
Best International Film Jannine Barnes for ‘The Wilding’

Award Winners 2011[edit]

Category Winner (film / person or team)
Kodak Best Film Jack Woon for ‘The Great Barrier’
Panavision Best Cinematographer Nick Remy Matthews ACS for ‘The Kiss’
Best Student Film Jonah Musitano for ‘Maurice’
StarNow Best Actor Nicole Gulasekharam for ‘The Kiss’
Script to Screen Best Screen Play Tammy Davis for ‘Ebony Society’
SDGNZ Best Director Jack Woon for ‘The Great Barrier’
SDGNZ Best Editor Lewis Albrow for ‘3 Hours’
Special Jury Prize Peter Neville, Lucas Bone & Luke Eve for the musical score in ‘Cockroach’

Award Winners 2010[edit]

Category Winner (film / person or team)
Kodak Best Film Felicity Letcher & Rachel Lorimer for ‘This is Her’
Panavision Best Cinematographer Jac Fitzgerald for ‘Choice Night’
Best Student Film Zyra McAuliffe for ‘Four’
StarNow Best Actor Cameron Rhodes for ‘Brave Donkey’
Script to Screen Best Screen Play Kate McDermott for ‘This is Her’
SDGNZ Best Director Mark Albiston & Louis Sutherland for ‘The Six Dollar Fifty Man’
SDGNZ Best Editor Hayley Lake for ‘Make Me’
Special Jury Prize Kurt Filiga for ‘Kurt-E: In My Blood’

Award Winners 2009[edit]

Category Winner (film / person or team)
Kodak Best Film Jackie van Beek for ‘Just Like the Others’
Panavision Best Cinematographer Rewa Harre for ‘Coffee & Allah’
Best Student Film Michael Humphrey for ‘The Big Happiness’
StarNow Best Actor Arna-Maria Winchester from ‘Mixed Bag’
NZ Writer's Guild Best Screen Play Waine C. Paris for ‘Kill the Alphabet’
SDGNZ Best Director James Cunnigham for ‘Poppy’
SDGNZ Best Editor Paul Swadel and James Cunnigham for ‘Poppy’
Special Jury Prize James Cunningham, Stephen Fleet and Sonya Hsu-Ya Chang for animation on ‘Poppy’

Award Winners 2008[edit]

Category Winner (film / person or team)
Show Me Shorts Best Film Phill Simmonds for ‘Noise Control’
Best Student Film Cameron Edser for ‘Animal Instincts’
Atlab Best Technical Contribution Roseanne Liang for editing on ‘Take 3’
Panavision Special Jury Prize Bruno du Bois for ‘Serial Killer’

Award Winners 2007[edit]

Category Winner (film / person or team)
Show Me Shorts Best Film Jeff & Phill Simmonds for ‘A Very Nice Honeymoon’
Best Student Film Chris Payne for ‘Embers’
Atlab Best Technical Contribution Richard Harling for cinematography on ‘Embers’
Panavision Special Jury Prize Chris Payne for ‘Embers’

Award Winners 2006[edit]

Category Winner (film / person or team)
Jameson Best Film Jannine Barnes for ‘Ray’
CityMix Best Student Film Kate Bradbury and Bill Morris for ‘Mad Mac and the Fat Ugly Snail
Best Technical Contribution Suren Perera for ‘Morning Star’
Panavision Special Jury Prize Skye Wansey for her acting in ‘A Special Talent’

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