Siege of Acapulco (1813)

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Siege of Acapulco
Part of the Mexican War of Independence
Acapulco - Fuerte de San Diego.JPG
A view of Acapulco de Juárez from the Fuerte de San Diego where one can see the strategically important high ground of El Valedero in the background.
Date12 April 1813
LocationAcapulco de Juárez, Guerrero, Mexico
Result Rebel victory
Bandera de José María Morelos en 1812.png Mexican Rebels Flag of Spain (1785–1873, 1875–1931).svg Spanish Empire
Commanders and leaders
Bandera de José María Morelos en 1812.png José María Morelos Flag of Spain (1785–1873, 1875–1931).svg José Pedro Antonio Vélez de Zúñiga

The Siege of Acapulco was a battle of the War of Mexican Independence that occurred on 12 April 1813 at Acapulco de Juárez. The battle was fought between the royalist forces loyal to the Spanish crown, commanded by Pedro Antonio Vélez, and the Mexican rebels fighting for independence from the Spanish Empire, commanded by José María Morelos. The battle resulted in a victory for the Mexican rebels.

The battle[edit]

After a series of skirmishes leading up to the actual siege, Mexican rebel forces were finally able to besiege the city and take the plaza of Acapulco on 12 April 1813.[1] The Spanish forces took refuge in the Fuerte de San Diego where they were able to continue to resist the insurgent attacks until August of the same year when a truce was signed between José María Morelos and José Pedro Antonio Vélez de Zúñiga. The rebel victory was strategically important because the port was one of the largest and most important to the strategic objectives laid out by Morelos at the start of the campaign.[2]


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