Siege of Pest

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Siege of Pest
Part of the Ottoman–Habsburg wars
Siege of Pest Enea Vico 1542.jpg
Siege of Pest, after Enea Vico, 1542.
LocationBuda, Hungary
Result Ottoman victory,
Ottomans repulse Habsburgs
Osmanli-devleti-nisani-yeni.png Ottoman Empire Holy Roman Empire Habsburg Empire
Commanders and leaders
Holy Roman Empire Joachim Brandenburg

The Siege of Pest (modern city of Budapest, Hungary) occurred in 1542, when Ferdinand of Austria attempted to recover the cities of Buda and Pest in 1542 from the Ottoman Empire.[1] This was an attempt to recover the cities of Buda and Pest following their occupation by the Ottomans since the Siege of Buda (1541).[2]

The siege was led by Joachim Brandenburg.[2] The siege was repulsed by the Ottomans, who would remain in control of central Hungary for the following 150 years.