Siege of Philippsburg (1688)

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Siege of Philippsburg
Part of the Nine Years' War
Date24 September 1688 – 29 October 1688
(1 month and 5 days)
LocationPhilippsburg, Holy Roman Empire,
(Present-day Germany)
Result French victory
 France  Holy Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of France Louis, Grand Dauphin
Kingdom of France Duc de Duras
Kingdom of France Marquis de Vauban
30,000 men 2,000 men
124 artillery pieces
Casualties and losses
Unknown 2,000 men,
124 artillery pieces

The Siege of Philippsburg was a siege of the fortress of Philippsburg during the War of the League of Augsburg. It occurred between 27 September and 29 October 1688 and ended in a French victory over the Imperial garrison.


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Coordinates: 49°14′13″N 8°27′17″E / 49.2370°N 8.4548°E / 49.2370; 8.4548