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Maya Karin

Maya Karin Roelcke is a Malaysian film actress, television host, singer. Now one of the leading and established actresses in Malaysia's local film industry, she garnered wide recognition from the critics and public for her award-winning and memorable performances in movies such as Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam, Anak Halal, Ombak Rindu and Munafik 2, her movies have grossed over RM85m so far. Maya holds the record in the history of the Malaysia Film Festival for an actress with most nominations in the category of Best Actress Award and she's among few actresses to have won the award twice. Maya is the first of only two Malaysian actresses to have won the prestigious Best Actress Award at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival. Maya was born on 29 October 1979, her father Gottfried Roelcke, is German while her mother, Che Zan, is from Penang, is of Malay and Indian parentage. She is the oldest of three siblings, her brother is Armin, her sister is Irina. Growing up in Indonesia until the age of 17, she started theatre acting in her teens.

She graduated from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Kuala Lumpur in Media and Marketing before starting her acting career. In 2000, she was cast as a television show host for Malaysia's TV3 lifestyle entertainment programme Wavelength, which began her mainstream career and exposure, she was soon cast in her first film role as one of the leads in Aziz M. Osman's Seri Dewi Malam alongside popular actor Hairie Othman; that year, she played a girl living in a rural village in her second movie No Problem, a critial & box office failure. She won the New Popular Artist Award at Malaysia's Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian and the Anugerah Media Hiburan in 2001. In 2003 she was cast in a supporting role in a hit movie, Mr. Cinderella 2. In mid-2004, she was cast by director Shuhaimi Baba in the lead role in Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam; the film was both commercially successful. She won the Best Actress Award at the 49th Asia Pacific Film Festival 2004 in Japan, she was received her first nomination for Best Actress In A Leading Role at Malaysia Film Festival.

In 2005, Karin reprised her role as the lead in the sequel Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam II and continued to receive critical acclaims by winning the award of Best Actor at the Estepona Fantasy and Terror Film Festival 2005 in Málaga, Spain and, her second nomination for FFM's Best Actress. Following the mass critical and commercial success of these two films and so her performance, Maya won the coveted Most Popular Actress Award at the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2005. Despite her growing feature film career, Maya continued her involvement in television, in 2004 she was invited by Channel International to join their VJ team. In 2006, she was voted Best VJ in Star Buzz Editor's Choice Awards 2006. Other shows that she has hosted are the bridal programme'Ratu Sehari' in 2004 for Malaysia's Astro Ria channel and the travelogue programme'Beauty Secrets From The East' in 2005 for TV3. In 2007, Maya played a variety of lead roles in Pesona Pictures' Waris Jari Hantu and 1957: Hati Malaya and Tayangan Unggul's Anak Halal and continued to receive nominations in various award functions.

Maya won Best Actress Awards in Malaysia Film Festival and Anugerah Oskar Malaysia in 2008 for her genuine portrayal as a tomboy girl in Anak Halal. Years after she involved in drama-centric films, Maya showed her versatility by playing various comedic roles in several hit films, it began with blockbuster film Duyung released in 2008 where she plays a mermaid. In this film, Maya was appreciated for performing all the underwater scenes on her own in the open sea of Sipadan Island. In the same year, she received her second Most Popular Actress Award at the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2008, following her mass popularity for the last two years. In 2009, she starred in Pisau Cukur, a hit comedy film about gold diggers where she performed more comedy scenes than her role in Duyung. In 2010, she played a famous entertainment show host who fall in love with a guy from a rural village in the romantic comedy movie Cun alongside Remy Ishak. In November 2011, despite her urbanised and modern figure, Maya surprised her fans and movie-goers with her moving performance as a young women from a rural village struggling with life and love, in her biggest commercial success Ombak Rindu, which gained her the Best Actress Award at both the Anugerah Skrin and Malaysia Film Festival in 2012 and her third Most Popular Actress Award at the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2011.

Afterwards, Maya portrayed two roles she never played before in Lagenda Budak Setan 2 and Sejoli, managed to stand out despite acting alongside other fellow established actors. Her genuine tickling portrayal of a girl looking for her true love in the latter film gained her the award of Best Actress in Comedy Role in the second Anugerah Lawak Warna in 2014. Waiting to be released are her two thriller/suspense movies of Jwanita and Nota, with the latter film directed and produced with collaboration between local and Japanese film producers and crews; until now, Maya is acknowledged as an actor with most successful horror role performance in the local film industry and cited by her fans and local movie-goers as a banshee, a mermaid and Izzah, thanks to her impressive and lasting performances in the respective films. It is reported in March 2017 that Maya will appear in the sequel of the Malaysian horror film, Munafik titled Munafik 2 directed by Syamsul Yusof, she replacing its lead cast, Nabila Huda who confirmed that she wouldn't starred in the film's sequel.

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Challenge of the Champions

The Challenge of the Champions in 1988 was a series of seven matchups at seven rodeos that paired up bull riding champion Lane Frost with the bucking bull champion Red Rock. The publicity that the Challenge received increased the popularity of rodeos and bull riding amongst the general public. Red Rock was an 1,800 pounds bucking bull, he had never been ridden in competition and had bucked Frost off at the 1985 National Finals Rodeo and again at the 1986 NFR. This had kept Frost from riding all 10 of his finals bulls in 1986 and from winning the World Championship that year. Frost won the World Championship in 1987, the same year Red Rock won Bucking Bull of the Year. Sometime in 1988, John Growney envisioned a special matchup between the two 1987 Champions, it was decided that Frost and Red Rock would have seven showdowns at different rodeos in states across the West. The event was titled the "Challenge of the Champions." It was described as "a publicity match made in heaven," a popular cowboy versus the best bucking bull.

Both had reached the pinnacle of the sport. The series was covered by the mainstream media, as the best of the best matchup between man and bull was "something that everybody could understand," Growney said. Frost and Red Rock both had popular personalities. Frost was characterized as extroverted and playful, "quick with a smile and enjoyed meeting the fans". Red Rock "instinctively knew to take a victory lap" around the arena whenever he bucked off a rider, but was called a "gentle giant" outside of the rodeo ring; the first match took place at the Red Bluff Round-Up on April 17, 1988 in Red Bluff, Red Rock's then-current home town. The crowd cheered louder for Red Rock than for Frost, bucked off after two seconds and commented that it was the first time he’d seen more people cheer for the bull than for him; the second match took place in Clovis and Red Rock took that one also. The third match was in Redding, May 20, 1988, Frost had studied videotapes, consulted with friends, worked out prior to this event.

Frost stayed on, at the eight-second mark, Frost was still on Red Rock, this was the first time that anyone had stayed on Red Rock for a qualifying ride. Frost was happy to explain how he changed his riding position by sitting well over to the right side, thus staying ahead of the bull’s motion. "I know I can't catch up to him when he goes to the right, I've tried."The fourth match in Livermore, went to Frost, making the score at 2-2. This match was described as having Red Rock "wondering about Lane": The bull behaved differently than usual, giving Frost a side look before leaving the arena and foregoing any of his usual "victory laps" that he been taking after bucking off riders, it had been a 10 hour drive to Oregon from Livermore and Frost wanted to fly and unhappy because he wasn’t allowed to do so—Red Rock had to be transported via truck, so Frost had to drive. Growney was in his truck waiting. At a rest stop along the way, Frost paid a visit to Red Rock in his trailer. Both bull rider and bull traveled by road all night to Sisters, Oregon.

This is where Red Rock had lived with his second owner, Mert Hunking, had bucked in rodeos before joining the PRCA. On June 12, 1988, this fifth matchup was the last bull ride of that night; the atmosphere was excited and the crowd cheered for both rider and bull. Red Rock had an unusual left-hand delivery, but Frost hung on hard for the whistle saying it was one of his best rides; that left the match at 3-2 in Frost's favor. On July 4, 1988, at their sixth match in St. Paul, Red Rock dumped Frost and tied up the matches at three each. At Spanish Fork, July 25, 1988, was the final matchup. Frost remarked that Red Rock appeared cool. Frost rode Red Rock to the eight second signal to win the Challenge of the Champions 4-3. Frost not only rode for eight seconds, the ride lasted 9.63 seconds. The two were keen competitors inside the arena, but few people knew that Frost and Red Rock had an acquaintance outside of the arena and were quite fond of each other. Frost would visit the bull and Red Rock was said to enjoy Frost's back scratches.

Articles about the Challenge appeared in Sports Illustrated, ProRodeo Sports News, USA Today, various regional publications. There was a feature on NBC's Sports Machine. Following the series, Red Rock was returned to his retirement. Frost said of the Challenge: Everybody can understand one on one. One of the greatest things that's happened in rodeo in a long time had just happened. In 1989, Frost was killed by a bull named SO Takin' Care of Business, at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Frost had ridden the bull for a qualifying ride. After he dismounted, the bull turned toward him and pushed him down, pushed his horn into Frost's back; this resulted in broken ribs severing a main artery. That further cemented. Frost is buried in Oklahoma. Red Rock died in 1994. Today, bull riders still watch video of the Challenge of the Champions match footage on YouTube. One of the more well-known videos consists of footage of the four matches Frost won. In a July 30, 2016 article published on the PBR's website about the 27th anniversary of Frost's death, it mentions bull riders Nathan Schaper and Kurt Shepherd and others as having watched and studied video of the challenge.

In 2009, a documentary film was made about the Challenge of the Champions. The DVD included interviews with Frost's parents, his friends, Red Rock's owner John Growney, sportscasters and actors from the movie 8 Seconds; the documentary was favorably reviewed by the Daily Record News, which noted that though it finishes with the deaths of the pair, "you still

A Doll's House (1943 film)

A Doll's House is a 1943 Argentine drama film directed by Ernesto Arancibia and starring Delia Garcés and George Rigaud. It is based on the play A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen. At the 1944 Argentine Film Critics Association Awards, Alberto López won the Best Sound for the film. Delia Garcés George Rigaud Sebastián Chiola Orestes Caviglia Alita Román Angelina Pagano Olga Casares Pearson Mirtha Reid Jeannet Morel Agustín Barrios Calki stated in El Mundo that the film is "too lost in a modern framework" in the adaptation by the local cinema, while the critic of La Nación believed that the film had much dignity as an interpretative work, calling it an "interesting and neat version". Raúl Manrupe and María Alejandra Portela opined that it was the right film at the time but that it now looks dated and static. Casa de muñecas on IMDb

Ilyas Malayev

Ilyas Malayev was an Uzbekistani musician and poet. Malayev was born in Mary to Efraim and Yelizaveta Malayev, a Bukharian Jewish family and raised in the Uzbek town of Katta-Kurgan near Bukhara, he learned to play the tar and the tanbur, as well as the violin, immersed himself in the shashmaqam genre. In 1951, he moved to Tashkent, where he performed with various state-sponsored ensembles, became popular as a variety entertainer, performing comedy routines, his own songs and poetry and Shashmaqom excerpts. Tens of thousands of fans attended his stadium performances, he was named "Honored Artist of the Uzbek SSR". In 1994, following the breakup of the Soviet Union, Malayev emigrated to the United States where he settled in Queens, New York City along with thousands of other Bukharian Jews. Although it was a considerable step down from his fame and popularity in Uzbekistan, Malayev emigrated as he was unable to have his poetry published in his homeland, a restriction he suspected was due to either anti-Semitism or the state of the Soviet cultural bureaucracy.

He was granted U. S. citizenship on November 15, 2001. Malayev died on May 2008, aged 72, after suffering from pancreatic cancer. On May 29, 2011, in Queens, NY, USA, an honorary concert celebrating Ilyas' 75th year in his memory was held where various Bukharian Jewish and Uzbek performers gave tribute to the virtuoso. Ilyas Malayev - Official Web Site

1991 PGA Championship

The 1991 PGA Championship was the 73rd PGA Championship, held August 8–11 at Crooked Stick Golf Club in Carmel, Indiana, a suburb north of Indianapolis. John Daly won the first of his two major titles, three strokes ahead of runner-up Bruce Lietzke. Daly was quite arguably the most unforeseen major championship winner in modern history, he was the ninth alternate. Nick Price withdrew for the birth of his first child and Daly hired his caddy, Jeff "Squeaky" Medlin. Daly's outgoing personality and "grip it and rip it" style of play made him an instant fan favorite; the PGA Championship was his first tour victory. A spectator, Thomas Weaver, was killed after being struck by lightning during a weather delay in the first round, it was the second fatality at a major championship in 1991. Two months earlier at the U. S. Open in Minnesota, six people were hit by lightning with one fatality. Source: Source: Thursday, August 8, 1991 Friday, August 9, 1991 Saturday, August 10, 1991 Sunday, August 11, 1991 Source: Final round Cumulative tournament scores, relative to parSource: After a quarter century with ABC Sports, the PGA Championship returned to CBS Sports in 1991. – 1991 PGA Championship – 1991 PGA Championship