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Sind Division
Division of British India


Flag of Sind Division


Location of Sind Division
1909 map showing the northern Bombay Presidency and Sind
 •  Defeat of the local rulers at the Battle of Miani and the Battle of Hyderabad 1843
 •  Creation of Sind Province 1936

The Sind Division was the name an administrative division of the British Raj located in Sindh.


The territory was annexed by the Bombay Presidency of British India in 1843, following a British Indian conquest led by then Major-General Charles Napier[1] in order to quell the insurrection of Sindhi rulers who had remained hostile to the British Empire following the First Anglo-Afghan War. Napier's campaign against these chieftains resulted in the victories of the Battle of Miani and the Battle of Hyderabad.[2]

The Sind Division was separated from the Bombay Presidency on 1 April 1936 and the region became the Sind Province.[3]

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Coordinates: 26°06′N 68°34′E / 26.10°N 68.56°E / 26.10; 68.56