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Bonnyville-Cold Lake

Bonnyville-Cold Lake is a provincial electoral district in Alberta, Canada. The district is one of 87 current districts mandated to return a single member to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta using the first past the post method of voting, it is represented by Wildrose MLA Scott Cyr, first elected in 2015. This rural electoral district is found in northeastern Alberta along the Saskatchewan border; the riding is coterminous with the Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87, contains the following municipalities: The City of Cold Lake The Town of Bonnyville The Village of Glendon The summer villages of Bonnyville Beach and Pelican Narrows The Kehewin First Nation, the Cold Lake First Nations, the Frog Lake First Nation The Elizabeth and Fishing Lake Métis Settlements in the southeast of the riding. The district borders Lac La Biche-St. Paul-Two Hills to the North and Southwest, Vermilion-Lloydminster to the Southeast; the district was created in the 1997 Boundary redistribution from the electoral district of Bonnyville, retaining the same boundaries as the old district.

The riding had been held from its creation until 2015 by the Progressive Conservatives, although the Liberals held the antecedent riding from 1993 to 1997. The 2003 redistribution saw the riding lose some uninhabited territory in its north, part of the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, to Lac La Biche-St. Paul-Two Hills; this gave Bonnyville-Cold Lake the same boundaries as the Municipal District. In the 2010 Boundary redistribution the riding remained unchanged with no boundary alterations from the 2003 boundaries. In the district's first election in 1997, Progressive Conservative candidate Dennis Ducharme defeated incumbent Liberal MLA Leo Vasseur by a wide margin to pick up the newly-renamed district for his party. Ducharme was re-elected with landslides in 2001 with over 70% of the vote and in 2004 with 65% of the vote, he was appointed to the cabinet in 2006 under the government of Ralph Klein. He retired in 2008; the second representative of the district was Genia Leskiw. She won her first election with a landslide of over 75% of the popular vote, held the riding from Wildrose challenger Roy Doonanco in 2012 by only a 7% margin.

In the 2015 election, Wildrose candidate Scott Cyr won by a significant margin over Progressive Conservative candidate Craig Copeland, running during a hiatus from being the mayor of Cold Lake. He subsequently joined the United Conservative Party when the parties merged in 2017. Despite the hotly contested elections in 2012 and 2015, Leskiw and Copeland jointly endorsed Jason Kenney for Conservative leader in its 2017 leadership election. Voters had the option of selecting 4 Candidates on the Ballot Voters had the option of selecting 3 Candidates on the Ballot On November 19, 2004 a Student Vote was conducted at participating Alberta schools to parallel the 2004 Alberta general election results; the vote was designed to educate students and simulate the electoral process for persons who have not yet reached the legal majority. The vote was conducted in 80 of the 83 provincial electoral districts with students voting for actual election candidates. Schools with a large student body that reside in another electoral district had the option to vote for candidates outside of the electoral district where they were physically located.

Website of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta

Tsushima Airport

Tsushima Airport is an airport located 10 km northeast Tsushima, a city in the Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan. The airport opened in 1975 on a site created by leveling a small mountain. In 2003, a small propeller training aircraft used by Sojo University crashed on approach to Tsushima, killing three occupants. Scheduled flights to and from the airport use Boeing Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft; the airport has been served by Korea Express Air turboprop service from Seoul Gimpo and Daegu. Current weather for RJDT at NOAA/NWS Accident history for TSJ at Aviation Safety Network

Equestrian statue of Marshal Mannerheim

A bronze equestrian statue of Marshal of Finland Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, by Aimo Tukiainen, stands in centre of Helsinki, Finland. It was erected 1960; the bronze statue is 5.4 m tall. It is raised on a granite podium, 6.3 m tall, 6.3 2.72 m wide. Mannerheim was a symbolic figure in Finland at since the Finnish Civil War 1918, his position grew stronger during 1930s and the second world war; the first plans and fundraising for an equestrian statue started in 1937. After his death in 1951 the plans were relaunched by initiative of the Helsinki University Students' Union. During the fundraising campaign 737 503 members of public donated over 78 million marks in 1952; the funds were sufficient for not only the statue but for purchasing the Louhisaari mansion in Askainen, Mannerheim's place of birth, turned into a museum. The statue was commissioned from Aimo Tukiainen after a competition. Tukiainen made a detailed statue of the horse-riding Mannerheim. At its unveiling in 1960 the art world considered it out-dated.

In his contemporary works Tukiainen himself had moved on from realism. The features of the horse, its gait and which of the Marshal's horses it represents have been discussed a lot. During his life Mannerheim owned several horses. Tukiainen studied Mannerheim's last horse Käthy when working on the statue, but it is not a portrait of her as such; the construction of the Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art next to the statue was debated during the time of construction of the museum

Nicki Greenberg

Nicki Greenberg is a Melbourne-based Australian comic artist and illustrator. Greenberg had early success when in 1990, at the age of fifteen, she published The Digits, a series of twelve books featuring her fingerprints as characters; the books sold over 380,000 copies in New Zealand. Her graphic novel adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby was published in 2007 by Allen & Unwin in Australia and by Penguin in Canada, her graphic adaptation of Hamlet was published by Allen & Unwin in 2010. She has written and illustrated a number of other children's books, including Squids Suck, Antonia Cutlass Walks the Plank, Operation Weasel Ball. Greenberg is a regular contributor to the regular Australian comics anthology Tango, edited by Bernard Caleo and published by Cardigan Comics. In 2009, Greenberg's work appeared in Super Heroes and Schlemiels: Jews and Comic Art, an exhibition of comic art at the Jewish Museum of Australia in Melbourne, she has been interviewed by The New Yorker in its on-line cartoon forum, by Jennifer Byrne on ABC1 television and The Book Show on ABC radio.

Nicki Greenberg website

International Community School (Singapore)

With a low student-teacher ratio and students from over 30 nations, ICS is a accredited K-12 International School teaching an American college-preparatory curriculum with a Biblical worldview. Founded in 1993, ICS fosters a caring community committed to providing each student with a quality, holistic education within and beyond the classroom. Alongside academics, ICS instills in each student a love and respect for people of all cultures, a zeal for lifelong learning, a passion for personal excellence; the school was first named Christian International School, Ltd. when Mr. Graham Holderness from St. George’s Anglican Church began the institution. By 1996, just three years after its opening dates, the school was approved as a candidate for accreditation under the Association of Christian Schools International and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. In 1999, both of these were approved. International Community School - Official website