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In BEAM robotics, a sitter is a type of robot that does not move. Such robots have no self-contained means of transportation and are non-mobile. Instead of moving, sitters are usually designed to power lights in some sort of pattern. Most sitters are built as decorations rather than serving a practical purpose.

As sitters usually have few parts and are not very complicated to build, many newcomers to BEAM robotics start with sitters, as they are a good place to begin learning the basics of the hobby.


  • Beacons : Transmit a signal (usually a navigational blip) for other BEAMbots to use, often as a navigational device. Essentially, these consist of a solar cell, capacitor, LED(s), and possibly a solar engine. Beacons are often found within robot games and are used by other robots to use as a "base" for navigation.
  • Pummers : Display a "light show" or a pattern of sounds. Pummers are often nocturnal robots that store solar energy during the day, then activate during the night.
  • Ornaments : A catch-all name for sitters which are not beacons or pummers. Many times, these are mostly electronic art.


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