Skene, Aberdeenshire

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Milne Hall, Kirkton of Skene's village hall

Skene (Gaelic: Sgainn) is a small farming community in North East Scotland some 10 km west of Aberdeen. The two traditional villages are Kirkton of Skene and Lyne of Skene. As the name suggests, Kirkton is still the location of Skene Parish Church. Lyne means 'glade' or 'enclosure'.

Kirkton of Skene consists of a main road that runs through its centre that branches off into a small warren of 5 or so streets that service just under 100 houses, a pub - The Red Star Inn, a big playpark, a village hall, the church and "The Village Store" the local shop.

The main concentration of population in the area is further east at the newer settlements of Westhill and Elrick, both of which are built around ancient hamlets. Nearby are the Loch of Skene and Skene House.[1]


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