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Skills Canada (French: Compétences Canada) is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of careers in technology and skilled trades. One of their major activities is the presentation of the annual Skills Canada National Competition. This is an Olympic-style competition which actively promotes careers in the technology and trades fields. Each Canadian province and territory has its own chapter of Skills Canada and they hold qualifying provincial competitions in their respective areas to determine their provincial and territorial candidates who will participate at the annual Canadian event. Competitors are of high-school or post-secondary age. The purpose of Skills Canada is to open the eyes of young people to the world of skilled trades. Canada is experiencing a shortage of skilled labourers, and Skills Canada hopes to fill in that gap. The baby boom generation has reached retirement age and the country is having difficulty retaining workers, adding to the shortage. Competitions are held at the provincial and territorial levels, with the best competitors from each province reaching the national event. Biannually, the top competitors in the country are invited to the WorldSkills competition.

Competition areas[edit]

Areas of competition at the annual Skills Canada National Competition are divided into six sectors. These sectors and competitions are:

Construction Sector[edit]

Employment Sector[edit]


Manufacturing Sector[edit]

Services Sector[edit]

Transportation Sector[edit]


To date, twenty-four competitions have been held:

Event City Province Year
24 Edmonton Alberta 2018
23 Winnipeg Manitoba 2017
22 Moncton New Brunswick 2016
21 Saskatoon Saskatchewan 2015
20 Toronto Ontario 2014
19 Vancouver British Columbia 2013
18 Edmonton Alberta 2012
17 Quebec City Quebec 2011
16 Waterloo Ontario 2010
15 Charlottetown Prince Edward Island 2009
14 Calgary Alberta 2008
13 Saskatoon Saskatchewan 2007
12 Halifax Nova Scotia 2006
11 Edmonton Alberta 2005
10 Winnipeg Manitoba 2004
9 Kitchener Ontario 2003
8 Vancouver British Columbia 2002
7 Edmonton Alberta 2001
6 Quebec City Quebec 2000
5 Kitchener Ontario 1999
4 Vancouver British Columbia 1998
3 Red Deer Alberta 1997
2 Montreal Quebec 1996
1 Hamilton Ontario 1994

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