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Skips Logo.png
Product typeTapioca (UK) and Potato (ROI)
OwnerKP Snacks
CountryUnited Kingdom
MarketsUnited Kingdom, Ireland
WebsiteOfficial website

Skips are a snack from the United Kingdom and Ireland; which were first launched in 1974 in prawn cocktail flavour.

Skips are similar to Chinese prawn crackers, although they are smaller and have a finer texture that makes them fizz and melt on the tongue;[1][2] the snacks are made by KP Snacks under licence from the Japanese confectioner Meiji Seika, who provided the procedural knowledge to manufacture them and exported the production facilities to produce them in 1975.[3] In the United Kingdom, they are made with tapioca starch and in Ireland with potato starch. Packets of Skips often have jokes or tongue twisters written on the back, which are aimed at children. Other flavours, such as pickled onion, Caribbean Spice curry (teal blue bag), Hot from Rio chilli (orange bag), Chinese spare rib (purple bag), a limited edition ReBoot Dots Doughnut (pink bag) and a ReBoot pizza flavour, Sweetcorn Relish (1985,[4] yellow bag[5] and Sweet'n'Sour [6] have been available in the past. In 2002, KP launched 2 new variations of Skips intended to offer a 'unique taste sensation'. Buzz Boltz featured a 'crunch-melt' experience and Tickle Pickle delivered a 'puff-melt' sensation.[7] Both have since been discontinued.

Since early 2006, Skips have seen a 30% reduction in saturated fat and a 10% reduction in sodium and are made with 100% sunflower oil. Skips contain no artificial colours or flavourings.[8]

In 2012, the brand and KP Snacks was sold by United biscuits to German company Intersnack.[9]

Sponsorship and TV adverts[edit]

The children's theme has been extended in previous years with the sponsorship of Dragon's Fury, a popular attraction at Chessington World Of Adventures.[10]

Ex-EastEnders actress Daniela Denby-Ashe, who played Sarah Hills in the show and Janey Harper in My Family, appeared in a Skips advert as a teenager;[11] also in the 1980s, wrestler Giant Haystacks appeared in a TV advert for Skips, with the closing line "Dainty aren't they?".

Action Biker, a mid-1980s budget computer game from Mastertronic, featured the Clumsy Colin character from the then-current Skips adverts, as well as KP Skips branding on the case artwork.[12]

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